Timeline: US threatens TikTok ban

US PresidentDonald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to ban US firms from making transactions with TikTok's parent company ByteDance, starting in 45 days, the latest step by the US to force the sale of TikTok with the threat of a ban. Click the timeline for more. Photo: GT

Military strength: China vs India

Why Indian nationalists should cool down from war frenzy? -China's GDP volume is 5 times that of India's -China's ...

2020/6/23 20:19:13

Timeline of China-India border clash

China's FM revealed the timeline of the continuous provocative actions taken by Indian border troops at Galwan Valley. ...

2020/6/20 12:04:40

China, Africa jointly fight COVID-19

China-Africa summit on solidarity against COVID-19 will be held via video link on Wed. To support Africa's fight ...

2020/6/18 14:35:23

Timeline - Beijing enters special period against COVID-19

The number of confirmed cases related to Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale market was 45 as of June 13. Check ...

2020/6/15 12:39:56

Timeline of China's battle against COVID-19 pandemic

What did China do during its fight against COVID-19 from Dec 2019 to May 2020? How did China ...

2020/6/7 16:32:50

Key numbers in The White Paper on fighting COVID-19: China in Action

China has been harnessing the efforts of the whole country to fight COVID-19, making people's lives and health ...

2020/6/7 13:44:02

History of Mt Qomolangma's measurement

Chinese survey team reached the summit of Mount #Qomolangma on Wed to re-measure the height of the world's ...

2020/5/29 12:27:31

Highlights of Chinese Premier's press conference

During Premier Li's press conference this year, he mentioned many burning topics like China's economy, COVID-19, HK, Taiwan ...

2020/5/29 12:22:44

Highlights of China's decision on Hong Kong national security legislation

The decision on the Hong Kong National Security Law was passed by a majority vote at the NPC ...

2020/5/29 1:15:08

China's 2020 legislation list

What to expect from China's legislative work in 2020? China's top legislature announced Monday it would step up ...

2020/5/26 1:05:34

Highlights of Chinese FM's press conference

Will Hong Kong's national security law affect the city's autonomy? Is it true that China expands its presence ...

2020/5/25 1:49:28

China's major targets in 2020

2020/5/22 17:57:38