China's recovery in the National Day holiday

China recorded 637 million domestic tourists, generating total revenue of 467 billion yuan ($68.79 billion) during the National Day holiday, recovering to 69.9 percent of last year's level in revenue.

Timeline: US' hostile policies toward China

Smearing COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan, imposing visa restrictions on Chinese students, officials and employees, and ...

2020/7/23 20:00:37

Western media maliciously hype prisoner transfers in Xinjiang

Truth about the video shown by BBC: It's a prisoner transfer by Xinjiang juridical authorities. No info shows ...

2020/7/23 16:42:16

Long March 5's future missions

China plans more missions for Long March-5, the country's most advanced rocket, in the near future, including a ...

2020/7/23 14:34:52

Highlights of Long March 5's Tianwen-1 Mars Mission

China's first mission to #Mars – #Tianwen1 – will be launched by Long March-5 rocket in late July ...

2020/7/23 14:33:37

Objectives of China's first Mars exploration mission

China's first Mars probe mission also involves intl cooperation, as the European Space Agency and Argentina will participate ...

2020/7/23 14:13:59

Timeline of China's first Mars exploration mission

China's Tianwen-1 Mars probe is expected to reach Mars' gravity field in February 2021, about seven months after ...

2020/7/23 14:10:51

China-US diplomatic missions

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979, China and the US have each set up five consulates ...

2020/7/22 19:34:05

How much will UK's Huawei ban cost?

UK has banned its telecom providers from using Huawei equipment in #5G infrastructure, a move observers say may ...

2020/7/17 15:15:24

Timeline of China's first Mars exploration mission

Timeline of China's first Mars exploration mission

2020/7/17 11:00:00

Government agencies oppose HK opposition camp's 'primaries'

The HK opposition camp's so-called "primaries" may have violated the national security law for HK. Any interference in ...

2020/7/14 20:02:09

China's Foreign Trade in 2020 H1

In H1 2020, impacted by COVID-19, China's total foreign trade volume is $2.04 trillion; that is, a decline ...

2020/7/14 14:35:57

How many international organizations has the US withdrawn from?

US President Donald Trump announced the US plans to leave the WHO, but it shouldn't come as a ...

2020/7/9 23:29:09