China's recovery in the National Day holiday

China recorded 637 million domestic tourists, generating total revenue of 467 billion yuan ($68.79 billion) during the National Day holiday, recovering to 69.9 percent of last year's level in revenue.

Timeline of China-India border clash

Indian side fired first in the Monday incident in which Indian troops again illegally crossed the LAC of ...

2020/9/8 19:17:40

China's Foreign Trade (Jan - Aug, 2020)

China's Foreign Trade (Jan - Aug, 2020)

2020/9/7 17:02:30

Ban on Chinese students comes at a cost for the US

Chinese students accounted for 1/3 of international students at US universities in 2018/2019. Ban on Chinese students studying ...

2020/9/1 18:29:51

US military provocations in S.China Sea

US military provocations in S.China Sea

2020/8/27 17:22:21

Survey of China-India relations

Survey of China-India relations

2020/8/25 16:32:58

New confirmed COVID-19 cases in India

India reported 68,898 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, following 69,672 cases the previous day, ...

2020/8/21 16:45:55

Economic, trade ties still remain anchor of China-US relations in 2020 despite tough rhetoric

The US government has decided to ban Chinese companies such as #Huawei and #WeChat. Are China-US trade relations ...

2020/8/20 22:01:17

Disapproval ratings above 50% on Trump's handling of seven key issues: Gallup

57% of respondents in the US disapprove of the way Trump handles relations with China, a recent Gallup ...

2020/8/18 19:42:00

China's development in 5G

By the end of July, China's 5G users had surpassed 88 million, accounting for over 80% of users ...

2020/8/17 19:05:05

COVID-19 cases entering China via Shanghai, reported on August 14

Shanghai reported 16 imported COVID-19 cases on Aug 14, a spike in the past 11 consecutive days of ...

2020/8/14 14:13:19

China economy data, Jan-Jul 2020

China economy data, Jan-Jul 2020

2020/8/14 14:10:19

The US' steps to politicize Confucius Institutes

The US has designated Chinese Confucius Institutes as “foreign missions” on Thursday, following its recent moves to scrutinize ...

2020/8/14 9:58:51