Ban on Chinese students comes at a cost for the US

Chinese students accounted for 1/3 of international students at US universities in 2018/2019. Ban on Chinese students studying in the US will come at a cost for both higher education in the US and the country's economy.

Relations between China and the UAE

Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to the UAE on July 19 is the first visit by a ...

2018/7/19 15:12:32

President Xi visits five Arab and African countries, attends BRICS summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping will start his first state visit in 2018 on Thursday. Xi will visit the ...

2018/7/19 13:27:38

Xi - Nazarbayev meetings (Apr 2013 - Jun 2018)

Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev 14 times since 2013. It was in ...

2018/7/17 11:02:22

China has cut tariffs five times on daily consumer goods since 2015

Starting July 1, Chinese people can buy imported automobiles and daily consumer goods at a much cheaper price. ...

2018/6/29 18:00:28

Xi-Putin meetings (2013 – June, 2018)

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have met for 24 times since 2013 to ...

2018/6/29 10:49:26

Xi's visits to China's impoverished areas

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made over 50 trips to China's most impoverished areas during the past five ...

2018/6/29 10:38:18

China's economy ranking 1978-2017

40 years after reform and opening-up: The gif shows China's ranking and the rise and fall of the ...

2018/6/14 14:42:58

Back and forth between North Korea and the US: farce or progress?

The scheduled meeting between #Trump and #NorthKorean leader Kim Jong-un has been on-and-off track in recent weeks.

2018/6/11 9:51:08

China foreign exchange reserve 1978-2017

40 years after reform and opening-up: China's foreign exchange reserve has leapt from $0.17 billion in 1978 to ...

2018/6/3 14:49:51

Trades, projects between China's Qingdao and other SCO members

As of 2017, nearly $1 billion has been invested between China's Qingdao and other SCO members. Qingdao, a ...

2018/5/30 19:00:07

Facts about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Nearly half the world's population is now included in the #SCO following the addition of India, Pakistan as ...

2018/5/29 18:02:10

China's industrial structure upgrade 1978-2017

In 1978, the first year of reform and opening-up, the tertiary industry accounted for a small part of ...

2018/5/25 16:12:31