Wuhan Coronavirus in numbers

Wuhan Coronavirus in numbers: follow the alarming trend as number of confirmed cases of Wuhan coronavirus in China rises from 291 to 1,975 in just 6 days. Some believe that the availability of more testing kits has led to confirmation of more cases.

Zhou's fallen protégés

China on Tuesday announced an official investigation into former security chief Zhou Yongkang, the highest-ranking official that has ...

2014/10/30 14:18:38

Alibaba: A short history of world's biggest IPO

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on September 19.

2014/10/30 14:00:53

Tourism to China drops as more Chinese travel abroad

With over 100 million people traveling abroad, China has become the largest market for outbound tourism in the ...

2014/10/29 17:13:04

Hong Kong's new electoral process

The HKSAR government has launched the legal procedure to revise the method for the selection of chief executive ...

2014/10/29 17:07:37

Scotland's bid for independence

The Scottish independence referendum officially started on September 18 as polling stations opened for voting on the question ...

2014/10/29 17:05:05

Catch me if you can: China's fled officials

According to a CASS report, about 16,000 to 18,000 officials in China went missing or fled abroad between ...

2014/10/29 16:14:13

Tiananmen in Bloom

Mass flower arrangements are often displayed to celebrate important festivals in China, such as Labor Day and National ...

2014/10/29 16:13:26

A look into the life of seeing eye dogs

I serve as the “eyes” of my owner. I am a well-trained working and companion dog that can ...

2014/10/29 16:07:17

Following proto-call: How China's leaders talk on the phone

Sing his administration began on March 14, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping has made 22 phone calls to ...

2014/10/29 15:50:08

Trade talks top Merkel's 7th visit to China

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed in Beijing on Monday to expand cooperation ...

2014/10/29 15:38:32

Guangdong tops list of China's 'worst' areas: CASS report

Guangdong, Beijing and Henan were listed as the three areas with the worst public image in China, according ...

2014/10/29 15:26:18

Worst plane crashes over past 3 years

Within one week, a total 400 people have died in three plane crashes across the world. To put ...

2014/10/29 15:21:02