Trade talks top Merkel's 7th visit to China

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed in Beijing on Monday to expand cooperation ...

2014/10/29 15:38:32

Guangdong tops list of China's 'worst' areas: CASS report

Guangdong, Beijing and Henan were listed as the three areas with the worst public image in China, according ...

2014/10/29 15:26:18

Worst plane crashes over past 3 years

Within one week, a total 400 people have died in three plane crashes across the world. To put ...

2014/10/29 15:21:02

Xi wins over Latin America with huge deals

Infographic: Results of Xi's trip to BRICS summit and Latin America

2014/10/29 15:18:02

China's foreign aid outlined in latest white paper report

China's Information Office of the State Council issued a white paper on China's foreign aid on Thursday.

2014/10/29 15:17:06

Drip-feed: Snowden leak timeline

Ever since leaking the US National Security Agency's surveillance program PRISM in June 2013, ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden ...

2014/10/29 15:00:37