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Better than raking

A maintenance worker's job of clearing fallen leaves scattered on the grass is made much easier with a new leaf blower in Zhongshan Park in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province on Monday.
Source: VCG | 2019/12/3 17:43:40

Thief on crutches steals again after breaking leg during previous heist

A hobbled thief on crutches in East China's Zhejiang Province tried to steal a phone from a ground floor shop that he limped into, months after falling from the fourth floor of a building during another attempted heist for which he was arrested.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/2 17:18:39

Scattered cash returned to retiree

A retired man didn't realize he had dropped a bundle of cash on the roadside as he rode through a busy intersection on his motorbike on Thursday until good Samaritans alerted him and helped him recover all 100 notes worth some 10,000 yuan ($1,422.3).
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/2 17:13:40

Son 'keys' BMW in showroom hoping his father will buy it

A spanking new car inside a BMW showroom was purposely scratched with a key by a man who thought his act of vandalism would force his father to buy it for him. The man, 22, ended up being detained by police instead.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/2 17:08:40

Winter escape

Many foreign sunbathers take to the beach in Sanya, South China's Hainan Province where the temperature reached 28 C on Sunday. Meanwhile, the overnight temperature dipped to -22 C in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.
Source: VCG | 2019/12/2 17:08:40

Parkour Santas

More than a dozen pint-sized “Santa Clauses” appear to scale a building on the historic Bund in Shanghai on Sunday as the city takes on a festive atmosphere ahead of Christmas.
Source: VCG | 2019/12/2 17:08:40

Online shoppers shocked by Black Friday chaos

Three weeks after Chinese netizens spent billions on their annual online shopping festival, many were shocked by videos showing American consumers swarming department stores and getting into fist fights during their Black Friday shopping spree.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/1 18:48:39

A lot of bluff and bluster but no blows in no-touch street fight

An elderly man and a security guard at a local residential compound got into a physical altercation that was surreptitiously recorded by a passerby showing the older man attempting the punch and kick but never landing one.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/1 18:43:40

Chongqing zoo's clothes-washing chimpanzee seen as good role model for human husbands

A curious chimpanzee at a zoo in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality seems to have learned to wash clothes with a bar of soap and a scrub brush after watching a zoo keeper do her laundry.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/1 18:43:39

Celebrating diversity

A series of traditional festivals for China's Dong ethnic minority are being held in Guiyang, Southwest China's Guizhou Province on Saturday.
Source: VCG | 2019/12/1 18:38:40

Empathy for the disabled

Hundreds of people wear blindfolds to experience being blind at an event held in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Saturday, marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities which falls on Tuesday.
Source: VCG | 2019/12/1 18:38:39

Hot job

A fire breather gives a performance at Millennium city park in Kaifeng, Central China's Henan Province, and his audience has a variety of reactions.
Source: VCG | 2019/11/27 18:43:41

Rock burger

A rock is painted to resemble a hamburger at an exhibition of the Intercontinental Green Expo held in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu Province on Tuesday. The artist uses rocks as his canvases to create works.
Source: VCG | 2019/11/27 18:38:41

Dorm mates' videos poke fun

Four college roommates have been posting videos shot in their dorm room showing them pulling off some very odd little stunts, with the latest getting more than six million views on Sina Weibo.
Source: Global Times | 2019/11/27 18:33:43

Professional mourners can make a good living

Some professional mourners, who are compensated for weeping, wailing and generally lamenting the dead at funerals of people they have never met, can earn a very good living, according to a video posted by Pear Video on Monday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/11/27 18:33:40

Worker recalls safe combination, steals cash

A devious thief with a good memory from Jiamusi, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province allegedly stole 100,000 yuan ($14,221) from a local fruit shop where he had worked ten years before and had surreptitiously memorized the combination to the shop's safe and duplicated its key.
Source: Global Times | 2019/11/27 18:33:40

Lonely taxi driver forbids smooching, likens kissing to not sharing a kebab

A taxi driver posted a note in his cab forbidding couples from kissing, saying it makes him want one too, according to a 10-second viral video shot by a passenger and posted it on Douyin, China's version of TikTok.
Source: Global Times | 2019/11/25 18:38:40

Lost drunk calls police for help, gets arrested

Drunk driving is not only dangerous, illegal behavior, it also confuses the mind as an inebriated motorcyclists in Tongbai county, Central China's Henan Province discovered when he lost his way home, called police and promptly got arrested.
Source: Global Times | 2019/11/25 18:33:41