Wuhan doctor whose skin turned dark due to coronavirus liver damage dies
Doctor worked in the same hospital with Li Wenliang
Published: Jun 02, 2020 11:39 AM


Hu Weifeng receives medical treatment at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan in April. Photo:

A Chinese doctor from Wuhan whose skin turned dark due to liver damage caused by coronavirus died on Tuesday, media reported. 

After about four months of treatment, Hu Weifeng, a doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital whose pigmentation darkened during his treatment in April, died on Tuesday, according to news site 

Hu was reportedly the sixth employee at Wuhan Central Hospital to have died from COVID-19. Li Wenliang was one of the doctors at the hospital who died.

Hu's situation was severe and he became emotionally unstable, said an insider from the Wuhan Central Hospital, who claimed that she heard the news Hu died at around 6 am Tuesday, the news site reported. 

Chinese netizens on social media mourned the death of Hu, who had been the object of public concern and attention after media reports said his skin had darkened due to liver dysfunction.

"Today there will be countless people saying goodbye to you. The memory you leave behind will continue your spirit. The hero is fearless. Farewell," a Sina Weibo user posted. Another posted: "That's heartbreaking. Respect to you, doctor Hu."

Hu had been receiving treatment since January after being confirmed as having COVID-19. He was transferred to the ICU of Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital on February 7 for ECMO treatment, and was then transferred to Tongji Hospital on March 3. 

Hu's condition improved on March 14 and he was removed from ECMO treatment later on March 22. On April 11, Hu had his tracheotomy tube removed and was able to speak normally. He was then transferred to the general ward on April 14. 

However, Hu then suffered cerebral hemorrhages on April 22 and May 21.

Another doctor, Yi Fan, who also showed darkened pigmentation during COVID-19 treatment, was discharged from hospital on May 6. 

A video featuring the faces of Yi and Hu, two doctors at Wuhan Central Hospital who recovered after two months of COVID-19 treatment, showing darkened pigmentation in April went viral on Chinese social media. 

As of February 9, the public health department of the Wuhan Central Hospital reported a total of 68 staff confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, 147 outpatients and 142 inpatients, and a total of 266 medical personnel have been put under medical observation.