Heroic spirit still needed for CPC members today
Published: Feb 08, 2021 09:50 PM

Photo: VCG

Those who founded the Communist Party of China (CPC) 100 years ago, and those who joined the Party in its early years, are no longer alive. Today's Party members are late-comers.

I myself am also a Party member, but I know I am no match for those earlier Party members. I admire those who participated in the Nanchang Uprising and the Autumn Harvest Uprising, and those who went through the Long March and survived deadly battles. I also salute those who took great risks in the enemy areas and engaged in underground work, especially those who sacrificed their precious lives. They are always role models for the members who come after them.

When the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, there were 4.488 million CPC members. Today, there are more than 90 million. In this current time of peace, there are so many Party members. This is not only because the Party has grown stronger and become the ruling party of China, but also because the ultimate goal of the Party today is to mobilize all the people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This goal is in line with the heroic struggles of the early Party members. It requires the overall participation of the whole society and their all-around indomitable spirit and endurance.

Today's CPC members need to take the lead in ordinary work. Party members and officials should actively create achievements as well as maintain the cohesion of the political system. If every CPC member does their own individual duty, then China's great rejuvenation will take another step forward. I believe it is an honor for CPC members, especially officials, to shoulder more responsibility and serve the country in a daily and ordinary way.

But after a long time of peace and stability, it is inevitable that some CPC members and officials will become fearful of accidents and become too afraid to do their jobs. I can see why this is and have the same concerns as well. But I also believe that as long as we take a firm position, sincerely work for the Party and stand in line with the country's interests, what serious accidents could happen? These are the calls of the Party. Even if we shoulder more responsibility and fail to do a good job, how big can these losses be? It could not be more serious than a demotion or loss of position. How can this be compared with the price paid by those CPC members who risked their lives in the early years?

I really believe that we are engaged in a very great cause today. But this is also a period when the personal risk is the smallest for party members. Just think about the pioneers of the Red Army and the CPC members in the Kuomintang (KMT)-ruled areas during the civil war launched by the KMT against the CPC from 1927 to 1937. Today, we feel embarrassed to talk about the so-called risks.

Today, the CPC members are doing a tough job. China is walking on a bumpy road with the utmost of pressure. We should focus our attention on our work and try not to be detached from work due to individual anxieties. I know this is a bit idealistic. In peaceful times, even CPC members cannot completely abandon a secular sense of interests. But this year, it is worth comparing us with our predecessors. We think of their sacrifices, we reflect upon their heroic deeds.

The CPC requires all members, especially officials, to shoulder responsibilities. The people need responsible officials. Today's cause needs another form of our sacrifice. As CPC members, none of us should place personal safety as a priority. In revolutionary times, the CPC members all marched forward. They always live as our spiritual heroes. Perhaps we should improve ourselves while paying tribute to them. We should step forward and not ever let them down. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn