Shanghai Disneyland Resort starts its 5th anniversary celebrations with a parade and light shows
Published: Apr 09, 2021 12:48 AM
Photo:Yang Hui/GT

Photo:Yang Hui/GT

The Shanghai Disneyland Resort on Thursday started the celebration of the fifth anniversary of its opening with a series of activities, including a parade and two light shows attracting thousands of tourists. This is thanks to China's successful control of the epidemic that allowed the US entertainment complex to come back to life amid global business shutdowns. 

On Thursday, the Shanghai Disneyland Resort was packed with tourists. Many of them were cheering or even dancing to the music when they watched the celebration parade with classic Disney characters performing to the audience. 

Many tourists were also seated in front of the Shanghai Disneyland's castle at night to watch the special light shows, sheering in delight with the show that showcased a snapshot of Disney classics. 

The celebration will last the whole year and includes diverse activities like launching special souvenirs and food, the Shanghai Disneyland Resort disclosed. 

Thursday also marked the 10th anniversary of the resort's groundbreaking in Shanghai, an undertaking which has become one of the largest Chinese and foreign joint venture projects in China's services sector. 

The success of Disneyland in China is also a reflection of the country's huge consumption power and economic expansion. The Shanghai site was Disneyland's first resort in the world to resume business after a shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In a previous interview, Joe Schott, President and General Manager of the Shanghai Disneyland Resort said that reopening of the Shanghai site has brought hope to the world and is the most memorable event in his career, according to the Shanghai-based news portal,

He also said that the success of the resort is the result of the support from multiple sides, including the government, shareholders and their business partners. 

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