Tesla has an obligation to face scrutiny from Chinese consumers: Commission
Published: Apr 20, 2021 03:18 PM
A protester standing on a Tesla Model 3 on 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.  Photo: CFP

A protester standing on a Tesla Model 3 on 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. Photo: CFP

China's Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission Tuesday posted a commentary on its official WeChat account, saying that Tesla China was ignoring Chinese consumers' rising concerns about Tesla car accidents, which raised questions about the company's ignoring its social responsibility. 

The commentary stated Tesla cars have encountered a flurry of defective functioning problems in the country, seriously endangering people's health and lives. The leading US electric vehicle company has an obligation to face scrutiny from Chinese consumers.

And, one of the Tesla car owners who protested at Tesla booth Monday during the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show, said on her Sina Weibo account Tuesday that she will not make any concession to Tesla China, responding to the company's decision of not making compromises to "unreasonable" demands.

Sina Weibo netizen named "Anbaojia," one of the protesters, posted an apology on Tuesday for his improper way of protesting at Tesla's exhibition booth. But she stated that she will not stop protesting and is willing to offer more evidence about Tesla problems.

Anbaojia said she aspires to obtain a clear explanation from Tesla and data of the defective vehicles, while her goal is helping other consumers not to be hurt by Tesla's problematic vehicles in the future.

According to the information revealed by local public security department on Monday, the two female protesters were given administrative warnings and a five-day-administrative detention, respectively. Anbaojia received an administrative warning as well, her post said.

Tesla China issued a statement about the incident via Sina Weibo Monday, claiming the company will not compromise when it comes to unreasonable and malicious complaints.

Tesla's China Vice President Tao Lin told media that it is impossible for Tesla to make any concessions.

Many netizens of Sina Weibo showed understanding of Anbaojia's protesting but suggested he need to choose the right and legal approach to protect her legal rights. Netizen named "Qiongyou Lvxingjia" expressed support to her protest but would not agree to what she had done. "I support consumers to protect their rights with legal way and hope related authorities to investigate Tesla China," said netizen named "Fushihui Riji."
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