Update: Thorough police investigation underway as mother questions son's death at school
Mother questions statements over son’s death at school
Published: May 11, 2021 12:50 PM
Photo:Sina Weibo

Photo:Sina Weibo

A woman whose 17-year-old son fell to his death at school on Mother's Day vowed to continue seeking the truth after the school and local education authority in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, released statements ruling out the possibility of the fall being a criminal case and said it was "personal behavior."

The mother said the local district authority's statement left many questions unresolved and she would continue to pursue the truth and make an appeal.

"I will continue to ask the police and the school to give me the truth. I want to see my son's direct teachers, and I want to see all the video footage," she wrote on Sina Weibo on Tuesday morning. 

Her son, a high school student surnamed Lin, fell to his death at school on Sunday afternoon. 

No evidence pointed to it being a criminal case, and no corporal punishment, insults, or campus bullying were found, according to the latest statement released by Chenghua district education bureau in Chengdu on Tuesday morning. 

An on-site inspection by public security organs, autopsy and surveillance records confirmed that Lin died due to personal reasons. 

The statement was jointly made by the Chenghua district education bureau, police and district governmental departments.

Police from Chenghua district said a more thorough investigation is underway and some details need to be clarified, but for now, the joint statement is what they have. 

Prior to the latest statement on Tuesday, in the face of public doubts and concerns, the school issued a notice on Monday, which did not provide any information about the cause of the incident. 

The case triggered a public outcry when Lin's mother first revealed on Sina Weibo that her son, a student in the second year of high school at Chengdu's 49th High School, fell to his death on campus on Sunday. 

"My son reached school at 5:40 pm on Sunday and I was told by the school at 9 pm that my son was gone… They just told me my son fell from the corridor." 

The woman later corrected her statement, saying she was initially notified about her son's death by police, and not the school. Her son was taken directly to a funeral parlour from the school without going to hospital, before she had a chance to look at her son's body. 

The woman claimed the school did not allow her to enter the campus or watch surveillance footage. 

The newest statement did not quell the public's doubts, and the topic became a top trending one on Sina Weibo viewed by nearly 600 million netizens as of press time. 

Thousands of netizens swarmed online and left messages under the Sina Weibo account of the education bureau of Chenghua district demanding that the school and police make further clarification. 

Many doubts have yet to be cleared up, such as why the school only notified Lin's parents two hours after his fall, and why the school refused to let the boy's parents watch surveillance footage. 

The Xinhua News Agency released an opinion piece on Tuesday, slamming the school for being irresponsible. 

"Disclosing relevant evidence in time and revealing as much information as you have is your responsibility. It will only trigger more speculation and allow public opinion to further ferment if the school dares not speak up and refuses to explain the question in the face of doubts."

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