Three wolves run into village in Northeast China, two shot dead
Published: Jul 14, 2021 07:43 PM
Photo: Shangyou News

Photo: Shangyou News

Two of the three wolves that broke into a village in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, on Friday were shot dead, while the other one was caught and sent to a local zoo for foster care. 

The fostered wolf has resumed feeding and physical fitness. Where the wolves came from and why they ran into the village is still under investigation, reported Shangyou News on Monday. 

A witness said that he saw the three wolves eating a dog when he drove by, and they were running back and forth in the village, seemingly looking for food. 

The wolves also attempted to attack people, and bit one dog to death. To ensure the safety of people in the village, which was less than four kilometers away from Harbin's unban area, local public security authorities killed two wolves. 

Another wolf trapped in a villager's yard was captured by police using a tranquilizer gun and sent to a local zoo in Harbin for temporary foster care. 

The animal has resumed eating, and recovered physical strength. Now it's able to walk, according to the report.

Though the wolf's age is not yet determined, the zoo said they will treat the animal according to its needs.