Death toll of Zhengzhou subway flood increases to 14; wife of victim accuses metro company of serious dereliction of duty
Published: Jul 27, 2021 03:00 PM
Zhengzhou subway Photo: VCG

Zhengzhou subway Photo: VCG

The death toll of the Zhengzhou subway flood tragedy has increased to 14 as two more bodies have been found, local government said Tuesday.

The two bodies were found over the weekend. The two new victims are Sha Tao and Zou Deqiang. Previously, 12 passengers had been confirmed dead. Rescuers have been screening related areas since Monday and no more bodies or injured individuals were found, according to the Zhengzhou government. 

The government said that they had identified the dead and notified their families, noting that they will deal with the settlements properly according to communication with families and related laws.

On July 20, flood rushed into Line 5 of Zhengzhou Metro, forcing the train to stop between two stations with more than 500 passengers on board. 

Sha's wife on Monday released a post on Sina Weibo accusing Zhengzhou Metro for serious dereliction of duty during the tragedy. 

"Zhengzhou Metro must take the responsibility for the accident. They failed to make full preparation before the flood; still allowed Line 5 to operate while some other lines had been damaged by the flood; failed to evacuate passengers timely after floods rushed into the line. This led to passengers being trapped for about an hour. The company also failed to report the accident and launch rescue work timely," read the post. 

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