Universal Studios Beijing employee detained, fired for taking upskirt photos
Published: Sep 26, 2021 02:53 PM
A woman rides a bicycle at the Beijing's Universal Studios Resort. Photo: cnsphoto

A woman rides a bicycle at the Beijing's Universal Studios Resort. Photo: cnsphoto

A male employee of the Universal Beijing Resort is reportedly under 10-day detention for taking upskirt photos of female tourists at the Universal Studios in Beijing. The theme park has fired the man as of Sunday. 

A netizen surnamed Lu (pseudonym) said online on Saturday that upskirt shots of her were taken by a man at the newly opened theme park which she visited on Thursday with her friends, Red Star News reported. 

The man, an employee of the park, was caught by the police of Tongzhou district, and is placed under administrative detention for 10 days. 

The incident happened around 6 pm outside a restaurant at the park while she was watching the float parade with six friends. Friends of Lu saw the man taking the pictures and they caught the man who attempted to escape. 

Lu reported the incident to the local police who later found that the man had taken upskirt shots of many other women at the park. 

According to Lu, the police found a Universal Studios Beijing working certificate on the suspect and the man had confessed that he worked night shift at the park. 

The police had contacted Lu on Friday and informed her that the man would be detained for 10 days. 

Lu claimed that the park had proposed to offer her a free visit as a compensation, or refund her. Lu told the media that she expects an apology from the park. 

The theme park confirmed on Sunday that it had terminated a working contract with the suspect after the incident, according to Beijing Youth Daily. 

In a statement, the park replied that it would firmly support the police's decision and had set up a special working group to actively cooperate with the investigation. It expressed its apology to the tourist and promised to learn from this incident and proactively strengthen its security and operation. 

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