Another celebrity involved in drugs scandal cancels performance
Published: Oct 20, 2021 11:21 PM
Li Daimo File Photo: CFP

Li Daimo File Photo: CFP

The performance of Chinese singer Li Daimo in East China's Anhui Province, involved in drugs scandal in 2014, was cancelled. This comes after a folk music singer complained against the cancellation of his show in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, calling it "injustice."

The authorities of Bengbu, in Anhui Province, were informed that Li, who was involved in drug deals, was going to perform at a local bar on Friday with investigators arriving at the show's venue instantly, the Xin'an Evening Paper reported.

The law enforcement officers ordered the bar to stop the illegal performance after the  owner declared that the show did not go through any of the relevant approval procedures.

Li became popular after appearing in a Chinese variety show for amateur singers in 2012, but two years later, he was sentenced to nine months in prison for providing a location for others to use drugs.

"That night, law enforcement officers were on duty to ensure that there were no illegal commercial performances at the bar," authorities told the media. They will continue to strengthen supervision, pay close attention to key commercial performances that attract high social attention and strictly investigate illegal market activities of artists with criminal records.

Li's performance cancellation came after another singer, Song Dongye, had a similar experience.

Song, born in 1987, was once popular for his folk songs but fell from the top of his career in 2016 after being busted by Beijing police for smoking cannabis.

Song posted a letter on Sina Weibo on October 12 to plea for a chance, saying he has confessed many times and hopes netizens and authorities can allow him to return to the stage.

However, netizens and some government agencies have called for zero tolerance on drugs use and urged respect and recognition for the fruits achieved on the fight against illegal drugs with the blood and lives of anti-narcotics police.