China to start third nationwide soil census, build 6.67m hectares high quality cropland: govt work report
Published: Mar 05, 2022 02:56 PM
farming Photo: CFP

farming Photo: CFP

In an effort to stimulate agricultural production and guarantee food security, China is scheduled to start a third nationwide soil census, more than 40 years after the previous one. The country will also build 100 million mu (6.67 million hectares) high quality agricultural land.

The 2022 government work report said that China is set to enhance agricultural production and overall revitalization of villages. It will also roll out measures such as conducting third nationwide soil census.

The State Council issued a circular in February saying that the census aims to find out the soil types and distribution around the country, as well as current status and changing trends of soil resources, while acquiring basic data such as soil quality, properties and utilization status, in order to improve protection and utilization of soil resources.

The object of the census is soil on arable land, garden plot, forest land, grassland and other agricultural land around the country. Some unused land is also included.

According to the circular, the census on saline-alkali soil should be completed in 2022.

From 2023 to 2024, field survey sampling and interior testing should be completed.

In the first half of 2025, data from the third national soil census should be gathered, and in the second half, a report on national arable land quality and an evaluation report on national soil utilization suitability should be created.

The previous nationwide soil census was conducted in 1979.

The government work report also vowed to step up efforts to upgrade medium- and low-yield fields, increase the area of high-standard cropland by 6.67 million hectares, and construct or upgrade a number of medium and large irrigated areas.

The report also urged to advance the ability of prevention and control of agro-meteorological disasters, as well as treating animal and floral diseases. It emphasized on supply of meat and vegetables.

All bodies should work together to make sure the country's "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets" are well-filled, the bowl of 1.4 billion Chinese people should be gripped firmly into our own hands, noted the report. 

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