Govt of Solomon Islands cautions public against fake news following 'leaked correspondence with Chinese embassy'
Published: Apr 12, 2022 11:44 PM
Scenery of Solomon Islands Photo: IC
Scenery of Solomon Islands Photo: IC

The government of the Solomon Islands warned against fake news and misinterpreted commentaries on social media after some documents containing government correspondence with the Chinese embassy in Honiara were allegedly leaked.

The government of the Solomon Islands told the public that there is "nothing to be concerned about" regarding the leaked content.

The documents published by some media outlets apparently contain a number of emails sent by the Chinese embassy to the Solomon Islands government during the social turmoil in 2021. According to the "leaked documents," the embassy "requested the importation of a number of weapons to help protect its facilities and requested to fly in a 10-man security detail" after the rioters targeted several Chinese-owned businesses in widespread protests.

The Solomon Islands government said in a press release on Tuesday that relevant ministries will issue an official statement regarding the situation soon.

"It is anticipated that more fear mongering, lies and propaganda will be forthcoming from people who are hell bent on creating instability for their own interests," said the government's official statement.

In the statement, the Solomon Islands government also encouraged social media commentators to avoid being emotionally swayed by the leaked documents as clarifications are forthcoming.

The leak and hype of the emails between the Solomon Islands government and the Chinese embassy came just after both sides announced their security cooperation, while the US and Australia have been sending top officials to the Pacific country. Experts noted that the target of these moves is likely to thwart a security cooperation deal between the island nation and China.

China and the Solomon Islands officially inked a bilateral security cooperation framework agreement in March which focuses on social security, safeguarding people's lives and properties, and assistance on human rights among other fields. The cooperation is believed to be related to the social turmoil in Honiara over the past years which put a target on local Chinese businesses.

It was reported on Thursday that two of Australia's top intelligence chiefs visited the Solomon Islands to meet with the island country's Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare. Media also reported that Kurt Campbell, the US National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific Affairs, would also fly to Honiara in April along with some senior US state department officials.

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