Guangzhou takes measures to deal with upcoming rainstorm
Published: May 11, 2022 12:18 AM
Guangzhou Photo: VCG

Guangzhou Photo: VCG

 Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong Province has implemented a slew of prevention measures to deal with the upcoming rainstorm that is expected to last from Wednesday to Friday. 

Guangdong Province issued a Level-II flood-control response starting from 8 pm on Tuesday.

According to the weather forecast released by local authorities, the city will have persistent heavy rainfall, leading to a potential issuance of orange or even red rainstorm warnings. Guangzhou may face a risk of flash floods and geological disasters. 

Multiple districts in Guangzhou already issued an orange rainstorm warning on Tuesday. 

As the rainstorm will affect local residents’ travel, the city has immediately suspended the operation of all passenger stations and lines. 

The Guangzhou Railway Group has adjusted and even halted the operation of several rail lines stopping at Guangzhou from Wednesday to Friday, the group said on its official Weibo account. 

As for the operation of the subway, the Guangzhou Metro said in a post on its Weibo account that it has already deployed multiple measures in a bid to safeguard passengers’ safety and the normal operation of the subway. 

For instance, subway stations across the city have received guidance for dealing with emergencies while arranging for additional personnel to supervise key equipment rooms and key flood control areas for 24 hours from Monday. 

Detailed standards targeting different conditions and whether to suspend the operation of the subway have also been specified, said the post, noting that the operation will be halted if necessary. 

Responsible authorities have also been taking actions to ensure the sufficient supply of daily necessities and electricity, while supermarkets and grocery stores are operating normally, news website reported.