NED unveiled as main supporter of farce, disinformation, rumors related to Xinjiang
Published: May 13, 2022 11:23 PM
Photo:Fan Lingzhi

Photo:Fan Lingzhi

The Xinjiang regional government held a press conference on Friday in which analysts noted the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been the main supporter of anti-China forces and organizations that aim to split the Xinjiang region from China and had made series of lies and political farces to hype genocide allegation and "human rights violations" of the region. 

NED has been found behind a series of farces on China's Xinjiang region, Liu Weidong, a research fellow at the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said at Friday's press conference that from 2004 to 2020, NED offered separatist organizations on Xinjiang with more than $8.75 million, making itself the largest financier of the notorious World Uyghur Congress and other organizations that aim to split the Xinjiang region from China. 

Dubbed as the "second CIA," NED has been so generous for not only feeding a small group of notorious individuals, but also to infiltrate other countries to incite so-called democratic activities and to serve US interests. 

Then NED President Carl Gershman openly claimed that to solve the problems in Xinjiang, a color revolution must be held in China and that regime change can turn the country into a federal republic, Liu noted. 

NED's programs on China's Xinjiang have very clear purposes - to hype a so-called human rights crisis to help the US and the West to contain China, Liu said.

In 2019, NED provided $900,000 in grants for Xinjiang-related programs and in 2020, the number reached $1.24 million. The major programs include "Advocating for Uyghur Human Rights through Artistic Interaction" which encouraged "Xinjiang independence" forces in and outside China to hype Xinjiang-related issues in the name of art and "Documenting and Developing Resources to Strengthen Uyghur Advocacy" designed to build a Uygur "human rights" database and produce reports to discredit China's Uygur-related policies.

Liu noted that in 2022, NED financed nine programs related to Xinjiang with $2.5 million, an increase of 100.48 percent from the same period and the highest in history. The programs include using new media to make propaganda and build a database on Uygur "human rights." To inspire the competition among different organizations, NED not only deployed money to specific organizations but provided directions, urging these anti-China forces and separatist groups to better cooperate with the US strategy to contain China. 

What have the separatist organizations done with the support of NED? Liu noted that to take credit from NED, the separatists from Xinjiang region and the WUC have worked hard to fabricate lies and spread disinformation on Xinjiang.

For example, working with Human Rights Watch, WUC made and spread the genocide allegation that "over a million Uygurs were detained in Xinjiang's camps."

And with the assistance of anti-China forces in the West and the US, WUC set a "Uyghur Tribunal" to invite liars to make false testimonies. The fees for the actors and actresses had been exposed later - 100,700 pounds, with 43,000 pounds going to an anonymous witness surnamed Wang. Wang later appeared in an interview with CNN but changed his surname to Jiang. Even CNN said that they could not verify the man's identity. 

The US has worked hard to hype human rights topics on China's Xinjiang and cited so-called human rights violations to impose sanctions on the region. Its purpose is to smear China's image, interfere in China's internal affairs and contain China's development, Cao Wei, a researcher at Institute for Central Asian Studies at Lanzhou University in Northwest China's Gansu Province, said at the Friday conference. 

The US' actions on China's Xinjiang fully exposed its hypocrisy and anti-humanity. Since the end of the 20th century, the US has always used "human rights" as excuses to interfere in other countries' affairs and even start wars, causing severe humanitarian crises, Cao said.

In recent years, the US - from the White House to congressmen to politicians - have shown unusual enthusiasm in human rights in China's Xinjiang region. But the same group of people had turned a blind eye to people's human rights when terrorists made trouble in the region years ago. The US even took out terrorist organizations from its list, Cao said. 

"And the US is trying to use 'forced labor' as an excuse to deprive the right of Xinjiang residents to pursue a better life," said Cao, noting that high unemployment among Uygurs in Xinjiang is what the US wants to see.  

Cao called on international organizations to investigate the humanitarian disasters made by the US and let more people see the malicious facts of the US. 

The US has always arrogantly accused other countries on human rights but is the main maker of humanitarian disasters, destroyer of international order, violator of human rights and perpetrators of genocide, Xu Guixiang, the spokesperson of the Xinjiang regional government said on the press conference. 

Residents in the Xinjiang region have en-joyed a stable and happy life with no terror attacks in more than five years and people's human rights have been protected. The US has no right or excuse to point a finger to make groundless rumors on Xinjiang region's human rights.