People of Balochistan support China-Pakistan friendship and construction of Economic Corridor: acting Governor
Published: Jun 16, 2022 03:07 AM
Photo: Chinese Embassy in Pakistan
Photo: Chinese Embassy in Pakistan

Pang Chunxue, charge d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, met with Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly and acting Balochistan Governor, Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali on Tuesday. During the meeting, the Balochistan official condemned the earlier terrorist attack and thanked China for its contributions in the province.

Jamali strongly condemned the terrorist attack on Chinese teachers at the Confucius Institute of Karachi University in April, saying that people from all walks of life in Balochistan generally support China-Pakistan friendship and the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The destructive acts of a small group of terrorist separatists do not represent the true attitude of the people of Balochistan towards China, Jamali said. The people of Balochistan appreciate the efforts made by China for the development of the province.

Pang said that China attaches great importance to friendly cooperation with Balochistan, and a series of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects, such as the Gwadar Port, have strongly contributed to the economic and social development of Balochistan.

"Security is an important prerequisite for China-Pakistan cooperation," Pang stressed, adding that "we hope Pakistan will continue to strengthen security for Chinese citizens, projects and institutions in Balochistan."

China is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with Balochistan in port infrastructure, agriculture and social and livelihood issues for the benefit of the local population, Pang said.

Three Chinese nationals and a local driver were killed after a targeted suicide bombing outside the University of Karachi's Confucius Institute on April 26.

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a militant separatist group, claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. The BLA is one of the largest terrorist groups currently active in Balochistan Province, southwest Pakistan, and has carried out repeated attacks against Chinese targets.

China has expressed appreciation for Pakistan's active investigation into the terrorist attack and the willingness to further strengthen bilateral cooperation.