Team China bags another gold at 2022 International Maths Olympiad, with all six competitors recording perfect score
Published: Jul 16, 2022 10:36 PM

Team China's teenagers bag gold medal again at  the 63rd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Photo: Xinhua

China's elite teenagers bagged a team gold medal, again, at the 63rd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) which took place in Oslo, Norway. All the six contestants for Team China, all high schoolers, scored full marks in the contest, securing a substantial lead over the runner-ups. 

As is shown on the official website of the IMO, Team China finished the 2022 IMO ranking at 1st, taking gold for the fourth consecutive year. Team China's six contestants, Qu Xiaoyu, Liu Jiayu, Liao Yubo, Zhang Zhicheng, Zhang Yiran and Jiang Cheng -- all high schoolers - scored full marks on every single question. The six teenagers were awarded six individual gold medal, and a team gold medal.

The IMO is an annual worldwide competition for exceptionally talented high school students. A total of 104 countries and regions sent teams with 589 students to participate in this year's competition taking place from July 6 to Friday. 

Team China participated online and scored a perfect total of 252, highest possible in the Olympiad. This is only the second time that a team had recorded a perfect score in IMO history, after Team USA did so back in 1994. 

The team's sweeping victory has been widely discussed on the Chinese internet, with netizens sending congratulations. 

"I hope that their talent will contribute to China's future," worte a netizen on China's Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo. 

Team South Korea came in 2nd, scoring a total of 208. Team USA finished 3rd on the table.

Team China is one of the most dominant teams in IMO history, finishing first on 23 occasions. Team Russia and Team USA are also historically strong teams, winning gold medals 16 and eight times respectively. 

China first took part in the IMO in 1985. Team China has claimed a total of 174 gold medals, 36 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. 

The 64th IMO will take place in Japan in July 2023. 

Global Times