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Published: Jul 26, 2022 07:30 PM
Band Tang Dynasty at 2022 Cuiyunshan Midi Music Season Photo: Courtesy of Midi Music

Band Tang Dynasty at 2022 Cuiyunshan Midi Music Season Photo: Courtesy of Midi Music

Thomas Demand: 'Shatter of History' - Art Exhibition

Shatter of History, a new exhibition in Shanghai is a solo show for German artist Thomas Demand. This is the German photographer and sculptor's first retrospective exhibition in China.

Born in Munich in 1964, Demand currently lives and works in Berlin and Los Angles. He has held solo exhibitions in many countries such as the US, Brazil, the UK and Italy.  

By taking pictures of paper sculptures that imitate real life scenes, Demand explores the meaning of photography and the role of pictures in reshaping public memory. 

The retrospective exhibition will display nearly 70 artworks from Demand's 25-year career, drawing viewers into a world of kaleidoscopic paper sculptures through multiple mediums such as photography, wallpaper and stop motion animation. 

The exhibition has been designed by Demand himself, who uses large wallpaper artworks to present an astonishing visual experience.

Where: UCCA Edge, Shanghai

When: Until September 4, 2022

Price: 100 yuan ($15)

Hello Chongli - Cuiyunshan Midi Music Season - Music Event

This music festival in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, is the first Midi music event of 2022. A popular music festival with a history of more than 20 years, 2022 Midi Music Season will definitely be a feast for music fans both young and old.

The first day lineup features the backbone of the rock music industry such as new godfather of Chinese rock'n'roll Xie Tianxiao, pioneers of Chinese heavy metal rock Tang Dynasty and unique art rock band Soundtoy. The next day, popular rock bands including Muma, Hyper slash and winner of W:O:A METAL BATTLE, Die from Sorrow, will perform on stage. 

Unlimited beer and mobile power supply rental service will be provided at the music festival, ensuring music lovers can enjoy themselves without worrying about thirst or their phones running out of power.

Where: Cuiyunshan International Resort, Zhangjiakou

When: July 29-30, 2022

Price: From 280 yuan ($42)

'We are Yours' - Art Exhibition

This show in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, is a joint exhibition featuring two artists Miao Peng and Li Ji. 

The exhibition is being curated by Liu Shuang, who was inspired by international curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist. The exhibition aims to step out of closed art circles and bring art to everyone. Art belongs to everyone and everybody is an artist, therefore comes the title of the art exhibition We are Yours

Miao takes inspiration from the places he grew up and in his daily life. His sculptures showcased at the exhibition are constructed from materials including iron, bronze and resin and reflect his changing views as he explores the art form of sculpture.

Li is a painter with rich imagination. His paintings are surrealistic and futuristic with vibrant colors and slashing brush strokes. The show will display more than 20 of his paintings, which are an extension of his solo show Classic of Mountains and Seas in 2021. 

Where: Ruii Boutique, Xi'an

When: Until August 21, 2022

Price: 58 yuan ($9)