Hit-and-run accident in Henan kills 1, injures 28
Published: Jul 28, 2022 02:59 PM
Photo: Screenshot from Sina Weibo

Photo: Screenshot from Sina Weibo

A severe hit-and-run accident that happened in a county in Central China's Henan Province on Thursday morning killed one person and severely injured two, leaving another 26 with minor injuries. 

The tragedy happened near a gas station in Wuyang county, Luohe city at around 7 am, when a white off-road vehicle suddenly bumped into another vehicle before hitting the crowds of people queuing up to take nucleic acid testing, according to Tianmu News. A surveillance camera footage shows the vehicle frequently changed lanes and bumped into several electric bicycle riders. 

An eyewitness told the media that the driver did not stop the vehicle but drove away after the incident. 

Another person echoed the vehicle hit quite a few people while driving for several kilometers. 

According to a statement released by the local people's government on Thursday afternoon, the 33-year-old perpetrator surnamed Li has been arrested by the police and investigation is ongoing. 

The local authorities have allocated medical resources to treat the injured people. Each patient is being taken care of by a group of expert team. 

An official from the county's bureau of emergency management told the media that the incident was not a work safety accident, but a criminal case. 

A report circulating online shows that the accident has led to 31 people injured, who were rushed to several local hospitals including Wuyang People's Hospital, Wuyang Central Hospital and Wuyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for medical treatment. A total of six ambulances dispatched by the local 120 emergency operation center participated the rescue. 

An employee from Wuyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine told the media that the hospital received 10 injured people including a child and an adult who was severely injured and has been receiving intensive treatment. 

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