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Published: Oct 08, 2022 06:41 PM
Poster for <em>From Leonardo da Vinci to Pietro Annigoni</em> Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Poster for From Leonardo da Vinci to Pietro Annigoni Photo: Courtesy of Douban

'From Leonardo da Vinci to Pietro Annigoni' - art exhibition

From Leonardo da Vinci to Pietro Annigoni, which opened on October 1 at the 798 Art Zone, brings together pieces by two Renaissance masters from different periods.

The exhibition is displaying 180 original works, including manuscripts and sculptures from the two masters: Leonardo da Vinci and Italian painter Pietro Annigoni.

Known as one of the "Three Masters of Renaissance Art" along with Michelangelo and Raphael, Da Vinci had a distinct personal style as he was particularly good at combining artistic creation with scientific discussion. 

His reproduction of The Last Supper (also known as the world's largest reproduction) is on display at the exhibition.

As an inheritor and promoter of Renaissance art, Annigoni's (1910-88) most widely popularized portrait for Queen Elizabeth II is also on display for visitors to enjoy. 

Where: 798 Art Zone, Beijing 

When: Until January 2, 2023 

Price: From 60 Yuan ($8.40)

'2022 International Digital Museum' - art and tech expo 

Catching the wave of China's burgeoning digital and technology developments, the digitalization of art is now a hot topic that appeals to not only Chinese artists but also Chinese museums and art institutions.

The upcoming event in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is an expo that aims to introduce trending digital tools and AI products that have been adopted by Chinese museums to further provide visitors with more exciting cultural experiences. 

More than 400 exhibitors will bring their products to the event, which covers various topics such as digital tools for cultural relics conservation, virtual reality (VR) programs and cultural creative products powered by interactive designs. 

As an open art and technology expo in China, the event embraces international exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions around the world.  

During the event, there will be free talks for the public. A diverse range of topics will be covered such as art, education, TV and film works, conservation of intangible cultural heritage and cultural tourism. 

One of the most exciting facets of the event is that it is free for everyone. 

Where: Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport venue, Shenzhen 

When: November 2, 2022 

Price: Free entry 

'Mirroring the Heart of Heaven and Earth' - art show

In ancient China, a home's study was not only a venue for reading, writing and collecting books, but also a room that could reflect the tastes of its owner. For this reason, these spaces are able to act as windows for modern people today to examine the past.

The exhibition Mirroring the Heart of Heaven and Earth - Ideals and Images in the Chinese Study puts on display rarely seen objects and paintings that well-known ancient Chinese figures collected in their own study rooms. they show the different cultural prefereces of ancient Chinese literatus.

The exhibition hall sits on the Meridian Gate of the Palace Museum, and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view overlooking the Forbidden City, which houses the museum and its collection.

Where: Palace Museum, Beijing 

When: Until October 23, 2022 

Price: 60 Yuan ($8.40)