Beijing issues language code for government service staff
Published: Oct 10, 2022 12:19 AM
The central business district of Beijing Photo: VCG

The central business district of Beijing Photo: VCG

"What's the hurry? Can't you see I'm busy right now?", "None of my business. Ask someone else.", "Haven't I just told you that? Don't you understand Chinese language?", "Chop chop, I'm off work", Beijing government service staff will not be allowed to use these responses while providing service to the public, according to a new requirement. 

The Beijing Government Service Administrative Bureau recently released its newly crafted draft of the Ability Specification for Government Service General Counter Staff, and is seeking public comments through email and fax until October 26 to further improve the working ability and service attitude for frontline Beijing government service staff at all levels.  

Besides the taboo expressions cited above, which reflect the crude, disrespectful and perfunctory attitude sometimes seen amongst government service staff who work in customer facing roles, the specification also bans staff from arguing with customers or being unnecessarily forceful when handing over paperwork including forms or documents.  

Stock trading, watching videos, private phone calls, as well as online shopping, chatting and games are strictly prohibited during work hours, according to the new draft document, which also requests all staff to display their names and job title to customers and comply with whole-of-process real-time supervision.

As the performances of government service representatives can directly shape and affect the government's image amongst both the public and business, the draft which is now subject to public comment represents a further step in optimizing China's business environment and improving public confidence in government services.