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Published: Oct 11, 2022 07:40 PM
The exhibition Wushang Shanshui in Beijing Photo: Courtesy of Douban

The exhibition Wushang Shanshui in Beijing Photo: Courtesy of Douban

'Landscape in Museum' - art show

At the Second Exhibition Hall at the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture, hundreds of well-known Chinese landscape paintings are now on display for an exhibition held jointly by the museum and the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum.

The exhibition Wushang Shanshui - Landscape in Museum brings a total of 107 paintings and artworks created between the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220) and modern times to the public. Classic pieces from the collection of the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum, including West Lake paintings by Qian Weicheng, a famous Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) painter from East China's Jiangsu Province, and ink paintings depicts mountains and stones by Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) art creator Wen Huiming, are on display. The exhibition revolves around the spirit of shanshui (landscape) paintings, presenting the concept across four sections.

Located at the foot of Yingshan Mountain in Beijing's Fengtai district, the venue is China's first garden-themed national museum.

Where: Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture, Beijing 

When:  Until December 25, 2022

Price: Free entry

'New Oriental Chinese Music Scene' - concert

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra has just kicked off their third round of traditional music concerts at the Shanghai Concert Hall on Friday. 

The concerts come after two successful rounds in other major cities in China. 

The concert New Oriental Chinese Music Scene includes eight pieces of music covering a range of topics such as the legendary love story between King Xiang Yu and his concubine Yu Ji at the end of Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). 

With the unique lyrical aesthetics of traditional Chinese  culture, the show will not only build a poetic realm on the stage containing traditional aesthetics, but also involve modern music styles and musical instruments.

Through the use of 3D technology on stage, the orchestra will bring the audience a modernized diverse visual feast that makes full use of exquisite choreography, beautiful costumes and evocative multimedia presentations.

Where: Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai

When:  Until October 27, 2022

Price: From 100 Yuan ($14)

'Nick Brandt: The Day May Break' - art exhibition

This newly launched exhibition in Shanghai focuses on the latest artworks created by photographer Nick Brandt, which expresses concern for environmental issues. 

Brandt has dedicated his photography career to environmental  protection and green issues. In the face of the devastation caused by climate change, these works trigger audiences' awareness about the real impact of human beings on the Earth and the environment.

In The Day May Break series, Brandt creates an elegant and touching atmosphere while at the same time shouting out about the problems people are facing today: Under the influence of climate change and natural disasters, all life is being displaced, including human beings. 

The expansion of human living space has made this situation even worse.

The first part of the series was shot in Kenya and Zimbabwe in 2020, and the second part in Bolivia in 2022. 

Where: Shanghai Center of Photography, Shanghai

When: Until December 31, 2022

Price: 30 Yuan ($4)