Culture Beat: ‘An Asymmetric Game’
Published: Mar 19, 2023 11:54 PM
Book cover of An Asymmetric Game Photo: Courtesy of The Korean Peninsula Forum

Book cover of An Asymmetric Game Photo: Courtesy of The Korean Peninsula Forum

'An Asymmetric Game'

Professor Han Xiandong's new book, An Asymmetric Game: The Thirty Years of US-DPRK Relations, on the Korean Peninsula systematically examines the development of relations between the US and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) since the end of the Cold War. It delves into the meaningful interactions that have taken place between the two countries.  

The book also analyzes and examines the issues involved in each negotiation and the results achieved afterward.

The work is an important reference for comprehensively understanding and grasping the strategic considerations and decision-making process of all parties, including the US and DPRK, in dealing with issues on the Korean Peninsula, as well as their relationship. 

It provides a comprehensive, systematic and detailed account of the development of the relationship between the US and DPRK over the past three decades since 1988.

'Nothing But Love'

With colorful visual symbols and elements, an exhibition showcasing a world of flowers is now being held by Chinese artist Cranehehe in the bustling center of Beijing throughout March.

The exhibition, Nothing But Love, held at Beijing Fun in Qianmen area, explores the theme of women's power with its garden-style setting.

The artist is well-known for the virtual worlds she has created with her extraordinary imagination and deep understanding of love.

Her works tend to depict artistic places full of blooming flowers and butterflies, which art critics have called a "Dreamy Garden Metaverse." Her unique taste has gained her a large number of fans.

The creator of the exhibition combined female figures with flowers, gardens, celebrities and fairy tales to weave a colorful world.

Outside the exhibition hall, a nearly 3-meter-high sparkling gift box welcomes visitors. The installation work was exclusively created by Cranehehe for the exhibition. 

In the exhibiting area, the artist has created a pink space that fills the imagination with thoughts of candy to display her best works.

The exhibition is set to last until April 7 and is free to visitors.