Brazil eyes more cooperation with China as 'brotherly' relations return
Published: Mar 27, 2023 11:59 PM
China and Brazil. Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

Brazilian companies and think tanks hope to beef up cooperation with China, especially in terms of cooperation with more Chinese enterprises to boost Brazil's greener, more sustainable development path.

Carlos Favaro, Brazilian minister of agriculture and livestock said that following the return to power of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the past "brotherly friendship" between China and Brazil is expected to return to its right track. More cooperation and opportunities lie ahead, after some difficulties in diplomatic ties in recent years.

Speaking at a China-Brazil Dialogue on Sustainable Development in Beijing on Monday, Favaro said Brazil is a strong power in crop and animal husbandry industries and the new government pays great attention to sustainable development. The South American country welcomes more Chinese companies, such as COFCO Corporation, to engage in Brazil's agriculture sector through investment and introduction of technology so as to increase the value of Brazil's agricultural products and their sustainability.

Favaro made the speech at the forum in the presence of about 100 representatives of companies, think tanks and universities from both China and Brazil.

Brazilian President Lula was forced to postpone his visit to China due to pneumonia, but Brazilian enterprises, think tanks and universities are still eager to build closer ties with China.

During the meeting at the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) in Beijing, the Global Times saw representatives from the two countries were always busy talking to each other trying to exchange their contacts and discuss potential cooperation opportunities.

Wang Huiyao, president of the CCG, told the Global Times he felt the strong passion from both sides to cooperate with each other at Monday's meeting.

"The arrival of such a big group of representatives from Brazil to China reflects the great importance they attach toward China and showcases the two countries' huge cooperation potential, especially in the post-epidemic era," said Wang.

CEOs and managers of major companies such as Brazilian meat giant JBS, pulp and paper giant Suzano and Brazilian miner Vale shared their cooperation achievements and their vision for future cooperation potential at the conference.

Tatiana Rosito, secretary for international affairs at the Ministry of Finance of Brazil, highlighted the importance of financial support policies for cooperation on sustainable development.

"I hope the supportive policies in this regard can be more extensive. It is important for the two countries to cooperate on low-carbon transition and promote the green economy and sustainable development," Rosito noted, calling for the participation of more private forces and involvement of associations, think tanks, investment banks and other financial agencies.

Adriana Erthal Abdenur, special advisor for international relations at the presidency of Brazil, mentioned the need for cooperation on environmental protection and climate change.

A new date for President Lula's visit to China will be decided, Reuters reported on Sunday citing minister Favaro, who added that they "will return to continue signing memorandums and agreements."