Political groups in Taiwan protest against Tsai Ing-wen's US transit visit
Published: Mar 29, 2023 02:47 AM
Photo: AP

Tsai Ing-wen File Photo: AP

More than 30 political groups on the island of Taiwan on Tuesday staged a protest against the "betrayed visit" of Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen to the US and the collusion between the US politicians and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to harm the island. "Taiwan independence" is a dead end. Peaceful reunification is the best way out for resolving the Taiwan question, some protesters said.

Reportedly, Tsai will travel from March 29 to April 7, stopping in New York before heading to two Central American countries of Guatemala and Belize and transiting through Los Angeles on the return leg. Her trip will include a meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, according to media reports.

Analysts believe that Tsai's trip is expected to fully cooperate with the so-called "destruction of Taiwan" plan devised by the US to weaken the Chinese mainland, including planting landmines along the coast of Taiwan island, the extension of the service period of male soldiers in Taiwan, and the controversial All-out Defense Mobilization Readiness Act.

Wu Jung-yuan, chairman of the Labor Party and also a convener of the Cross-Straits Peace Forum, said Tsai clearly knows the path of "Taiwan independence" is a suicidal act, yet she deceives the people to follow it and she is also crystal clear about US being world's biggest warmonger, sabotaging world peace and the common enemy of the people of the world, but she is pushing the people of the island into a pit of fire. It explains why the staged protest is against Tsai's collusion with the US.

Wang Wu-lang, secretary-general of the Labor Rights Association told the Global Times that Tsai even conferred the Order of Brilliant Star to former White House national security advisor Robert O'Brien, who made a barrage of jaw-dropping statements about Taiwan, such as proposing destroying the island's semiconductor industry. Wang stated that this exposes the ugly face of the DPP authority colluding with the US and Japanese imperialists and "Taiwan independence" separatist forces.

Wang Wu-lang said the collusion shows that the US politicians' rhetoric on "defending Taiwan" is just a facade, because its authentic attempt is to turn the island into a battlefield and treat the people on the island as a tool of war. More and more people in Taiwan have seen through the illusion created by DPP authority.

"We are all angry today! We must stand up and protest Tsai's betrayal of Taiwan, and say no to Tsai, the 'Taiwan independence' forces and the US. Only when the people stand up for themselves can Taiwan have hope. 'Taiwan independence' is a dead end. Peaceful reunification is the best way out for Taiwan," Wang Chuan-ping, vice chairman of the Labor Party, told the Global Times.

Regarding whether Tsai attempts to seek support from the US to help the DPP authority maintain its "diplomatic ties" with other countries as Honduras recently cut "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan, Wang Chuan-ping said Tsai would want US' support in this regard but pinning hopes on the US to stabilize the situation is similar to an idiotic nonsense.

Wang Wu-lang shrugged off some voices claiming that Tsai's visit would shift the domestic livelihood issues within the island, stating that the difficulties faced by the people of the island, such as the shortage of daily necessities, rising housing prices, and low salaries, would not be easily diverted because of Tsai's visit.