Vehicle plunges into water on Enshi's floating bridge, claiming 5 lives
Published: May 16, 2023 11:01 PM


A multi-purpose vehicle carrying eight passengers crashed through the railing of the popular floating bridge in the scenic spot of Shiziguan, in Enshi, Central China's Hubei Province at approximately 11:19 am on Tuesday, killing five people. The local government promptly announced the suspension of operations at the site.

According to a statement from local authorities, despite rescue efforts, five individuals lost their lives, while three managed to reach the shore safely after the vehicle plunged into the water. A video clip circulating online shows that a black medium-sized van drives onto the bridge, causing severe swaying before it collapses into the water. Initially, the back of the vehicle remained caught on the railing, but it eventually submerged entirely.

The floating bridge, spanning 400 meters and employing German technology to prevent rollovers, has been operational since 2016, with no prior accidents reported, as stated by The bridge allows vehicles weighing up to 2.8 tons and permits one-way traffic.

Local authorities have prioritized the aftermath of the incident, undertaking necessary measures and launching an investigation into the cause of the accident.

Global Times