China is committed to high level opening-up; Micron review is necessary measure to protect national security: FM
Published: May 22, 2023 05:59 PM
Micron Photo: VCG

Micron Photo: VCG

China's review of US chipmaker Micron Technology is aimed at protecting the security of China's key information infrastructure, which is a necessary measure to maintain the country's national security, Mao Ning, a spokesperson from the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Mao's remarks came after that China's Cybersecurity Review Office on Sunday made public the results of its cybersecurity review of Micron, saying that the company didn't pass the review, because it has relatively severe cybersecurity problems that could pose significant security risks to China's critical information infrastructure supply chain.

After the department announced the decision, a spokesperson from the US Commerce Department stated on Sunday that the US "firmly opposed restrictions that have no basis", according to a Reuter report. 

"This action, along with recent raids and targeting of other American firms, is inconsistent with (China's) assertions that it is opening its markets and committed to a transparent regulatory framework," the US spokesperson said.

In response, Mao noted that China is a country ruled by law, and any enterprise in China must operate legally. "We are always committed to promoting high-level opening up, and committed to creating a market-oriented, legal and international business environment. As long as the stipulations of Chinese laws and regulations are observed, we welcome all kinds of platform products and services of enterprises from all countries to enter the Chinese market," Mao said.

Micron said it had received China's notice of the conclusion of the review, and it is evaluating the case and considering the next steps. The company hopes to continue to communicate with Chinese authorities.

Earlier, the US asked South Korea to urge its chipmakers not to fill any market gap in China if Chinese authorities ban Micron chips, according to a report by Financial Times.

Mao said that China has repeatedly stated its position on the US export control on chips to China, and the US bullying act is to maintain its hegemonic interests. The coercion of other countries to engage in export restrictions on China is a serious violation of the principles of market economy and international trade rules, destabilizing the global production chain and supply chain.

"The US action not only damaged the interests of Chinese enterprises, but also those of other related enterprises. We firmly oppose the US practice, hoping that the governments and enterprises of the countries will work together with China to safeguard the multilateral trading system and maintain the stability of the global production and supply chains," Mao said.

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