11 killed, 27 missing in Beijing as Typhoon Doksuri brings heavy rains
Published: Aug 01, 2023 12:30 PM Updated: Aug 01, 2023 12:23 PM
Photo: Li Hao/GT

Photo: Li Hao/GT

Eleven were killed, including two who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty in the rainstorms and flooding in Beijing, and another 27 were missing as of Tuesday morning. 

About 45,000 people in 13 districts in the capital city were severely impacted and 127,000 were evacuated. Economic losses are being calculated, according to municipal authority. 

The rainstorm hit western, southern and southwestern Beijing the hardest since July 29. As of Tuesday morning, the average precipitation reached 257.9mm. Suburban Mentougou and Fangshang districts, the two suffered severest flooding, saw precipitation of 470.2mm and 414.6mm. 

The rainfall intensity has far exceeded the level of July 21, 2012 when 79 lives were claimed across Beijing, half in Fangshan district. 

The peak rainfall recorded more than 700mm at two weather stations, while the peak rainfall in 2012 stood at 541mm.

Beijing’s annual average precipitation is 644mm. 

Some trains passing Beijing West Station and Fengtai Station have been suspended, and the power and telecommunication have not resumed in Mentougou district as of press time. 

Beijing is intensifying efforts in disaster relief by employing PLA helicopters to airdrop essential supplies and transfer stranded residents. The city is also collaborating with neighboring Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province in flood control by discharging floodwaters into available reservoirs.

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