Tourist site’s discriminatory treatment causes online outrage
Published: Sep 11, 2023 02:23 AM
Douyin Photo: VCG

Douyin Photo: VCG

Popular Chinese blogger Lan posted a video today at noon on Chinese short-video platform Douyin to complain about some extremely unjustified beahviour he met with at the Xiangyang Tangcheng Film and Television Base tourist sites, in Central China's Hubei Province, as tourists were forced to give up their seats for 11 foreigners before the beginning of a show.  The blogger considered such treatment a "total humiliation." 

Lan specified that there were thousands of tourists waiting to watch the show in Xiangyang and that every single person had spent 126 yuan ($18) to be there.  

While the security personnel wrongly forced to vacate an empty space for 11 Portuguese visitors, even more outrageous was the fact that other tourists were not allowed to stand in front of the foreigner visitors and got even separated by a warning line, Lan said. 

The start of the large stage show was delayed because some foreign tourists were dining and more than a thousand tourists had to wait for them in agony.

Such practices immediately sparked wide criticism from netizens on Douyin and social media platform Sina Weibo, after Lan posted the video that was liked by 415,000 netizens, while more than 61,000 people expressed their anger and frustration on Douyin.

"What shameful behaviour by the Xiangyang tourist sites!" said one comment on Douyin. 

The tourist site's practice is unfair to tourists, "It's the deepest humiliation for us, " wrote another Douyin user. 

"They should take the tourists' feelings into consideration," Lan said in the video.  

While the Xiangyang Municipal Office of Culture and Tourism said that they will be "investigating and verifying facts," the official accounts of Xiangyang Tangcheng Film and Television Base and of the Xiangyang Municipal Office of Culture and Tourism have suddenly been transformed into  private accounts on Douyin, seemingly in an effort to reduce the heat of the scandal.

Lan's anger in the video showed the same contempt that many people felt towards  the site's administrators, and as a Douyin user said:"Everyone should abide by the rules and everyone is equal. There should be an official response to this."