Not ‘Chinese Green Card’ but ‘Five-Star Card’! Chinese immigration authority introduces new version of permanent resident card
Published: Sep 15, 2023 10:21 AM
National Immigration Administration's press conference introducing the

National Immigration Administration's press conference introducing the "Five Star Card" in Beijing on September 15. Photo: Fan Wei/GT

The new version of the permanent resident card for foreigners in China can be colloquially referred to as the "Five-Star Card," instead of the previous "Chinese Green Card," according to experts involved in its development.

China's National Immigration Administration will officially issue the new version of the Chinese Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card starting from December 1 this year, the Global Times reporter learned from a press conference on Friday.

During the conference, the new version of the permanent resident card was showed to the public, which incorporates many Chinese elements. For example, the card features a brand-new Great Wall design and includes the five-star elements representing the national emblem.

Experts involved in the development and upgrade of the card stated that the new version of permanent resident card can be aptly referred to as the "Five-Star Card," following the naming conventions popular for permanent resident cards internationally. This not only showcases strong Chinese characteristics and enhances recognition, but also makes it convenient for people both domestically and internationally to mention it.

Previously, this card was commonly referred to as the "Chinese Green Card." However, individuals familiar with the matter told the Global Times that using the term "Five-Star Card" is more appropriate.

Many countries give their permanent resident cards colloquial names based on the characteristics and elements featured on the cards. For example, the US' permanent resident card is commonly known as the "Green Card" due to its green color, while Canada's permanent resident card, featuring the country's maple leaf element, is called the "Maple Leaf Card."

"It was incorrect for many people to refer to China's permanent resident card as the 'Chinese Green Card.' This term is not accurate because the Chinese permanent resident card has entirely different design elements from the US' Green Card. The new Chinese permanent resident card, with the addition of the five-star element, is now called the 'Five-Star Card,' reflecting Chinese characteristics and would have high recognition," said the insider.

The permanent resident card is a legal identity document issued by the National Immigration Administration to eligible foreigners after granting them permanent residency in China. This card can be used as a standalone personal identification document and serves as a valid proof of identity in various situations, including accommodation registration and purchasing tickets for vehicles (ships, planes) without the need to present a foreign passport.

The new version of the card incorporates advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies and improves the storage of information and application management services. With the upgraded technology and enhanced functionality of the new version of the permanent resident card, cardholders can handle personal affairs such as transportation, consumption, and finance online through internet platforms after the card is put into use. This will further facilitate the work, study, and daily life of the cardholders in China, the Global Times learned.

Officials from the National Immigration Administration also emphasized that the introduction of the new version of the permanent resident card is a practical measure to serve and support China's high-level opening-up to the world. It aims to enhance the informatization of foreigner management services, improve the quality and efficiency of immigration management services, and better serve overseas talents coming to China for work, study and living, in line with the strategy on developing a quality workforce in the new era.

In the next steps, the National Immigration Administration will collaborate with relevant departments to accelerate the matching upgrade and transformation of information systems, facilities, and equipment in various related industries, expand the scope of application, and enhance user satisfaction, thus fully and smoothly achieving the functional objectives of the upgraded permanent resident card.

After the new version of the permanent resident card is put into use, the current version of the card can still be used within its validity period, and cardholders can apply for the new version of the permanent resident card as needed.