Pentagon bungles its shameless performance of bashing PLA interceptions
Published: Oct 18, 2023 08:49 PM
Bloated hype beyond all reason. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Bloated hype beyond all reason. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

While crises in other regions have yet to subside, the US military has been busy spreading new rounds of fear and creating new crises in China's neighborhood under the guise of the "China threat."

According to an Associated Press report on Wednesday, the Pentagon released footage containing part of the more than 180 interceptions of US warplanes by Chinese planes over the past two years. The article claimed that this number is larger than the total amount in the past 10 years, resulting in concerns from US military officials.

Last month, it was revealed by Reuters that the Pentagon is expected to release its annual report on China's military modernization and defense strategy in mid-October. It is evident that the US military knows how to get the ball rolling - a new wave of hype on China's "military threat."

The thaw in China-US relations has been accelerating recently. US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently led a delegation of lawmakers to visit China, which is seen as an important event in the resumption of communication between the two countries. Meanwhile, according to a Reuters report last week, the US Department of Defense accepted China's invitation to send officials to attend the Xiangshan Forum to be held in Beijing later this month. This is the "latest sign of potentially warming ties between the two countries' militaries," analyzed the article.

Yet, against this backdrop, the US military is still trying to "save its face" - after all, in its eyes, releasing utter goodwill equals to showing the white feather to China. Therefore, it turned once again to the hypes of the story that "China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) increased intercepting US military aircraft" in an attempt to justify its constant hostility toward China.

Such confusing signals from the Pentagon demonstrate that the US doesn't have the right mentality to engage in military exchanges with China. Washington is the one creating problems, yet it wants to pressure the Chinese side to solve the military issues the US created - with such a mindset, how could any China-US military exchange become smooth?

Since the Pentagon is so fond of numbers, let's take a look at this: A Chinese technology and intelligence company told the Global Times in February that in 2022, the US military carried out close-in reconnaissance operations in the South China Sea over 600 times using spy planes. This doesn't include the number in the East China Sea and Yellow Sea, which are also victims of unceasing harassment from US military aircraft and vessels. It is clear at a glance who is actually displaying coercive intentions and conducting dangerous behavior in China's neighborhood.

In fact, the Pentagon's release of the PLA interception photos and videos just shows how recklessly the US has encroached on China's national security and sovereignty. The steep increase in the number of PLA interceptions of US warplanes underscores the fact that the US has ratcheted up its threats against China under the Indo-Pacific Strategy. Clearly, the US is a troublemaker for China's national security, and we are utterly justified in safeguarding our own interests.

In the face of growing harassment from US military aircraft and vessels, the PLA's interception is reasonable and necessary. It is also professional and accurate, as the Chinese military adopts a strategy of close surveillance and tough repulsion, just to confront them at a very close distance without firing. This intends to elevate the risk of US military operations in China's neighborhood, increase the cost for the US to pursue its strategy of containing China, and drain its confidence.

As an instigator, the US is good at playing the trick of a thief crying "Stop thief!" Behind this crooked behavior is the US hegemony's long-term arrogant and overbearing attitude. It shamelessly blames other countries for protecting their sovereignty just because it threatens its outrageous and ferocious actions.

In addition to the Pentagon, Ottawa recently also made a big deal of the PLA's interception. Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair complained that the interception of a Canadian military plane by Chinese fighter jets over "international waters" on Monday was "dangerous and reckless." Countries like the US and Canada should understand that since they have the courage to provoke troubles in China's airspace and territorial waters, they need to always be ready for China's strong counteractions and the worst-case scenario they could face one day.