Book recommendation program for Chinese and Malaysian Youth launched to boost 50-year ties
Published: Feb 23, 2024 01:23 AM
Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Publishing Group

Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Publishing Group

Ceremonies to launch a program recommending 50 books to Chinese and Malaysian Youth was held in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur on Thursday as part of events marking the 50th anniversary of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations. Officials said the books would serve as an important window for cultural exchanges and interactions between China and Malaysia.

Dato' Majid, president of the Malaysia-China Friendship Association and former Malaysian ambassador to China, emphasized in a pre-recorded speech that, alongside business and trade, cultural interaction plays a crucial role in narrating a nation's story. Through various forms such as songs, dances, and literary works, both sides seek commonalities to strengthen ties, in this instance, between Malaysia and China.

He encouraged teachers and parents present to participate in this meaningful initiative by sharing these books and stories with their students and children, thereby further strengthening the friendship between Malaysia and China through cultural and literary platforms.

The idea of recommending 50 books to Chinese and Malaysian youth originated from the Han Culture Centre Malaysia, while all 50 books were published by the Beijing Publishing Group.

Some books about the Beijing Central Axis have been included on the booklist. According to staff at the Beijing event, the Central Axis is the shared treasure of all humanity and deserves to be known in more countries. 

Meanwhile, Talk about China with Oxford is the only English book series on the list, which is mainly aimed at introducing Chinese culture to teens. Wang, another staff member at the event, told the Global Times that they plan to promote the book series to more countries that show interest in Chinese culture and history and have strong historical and cultural ties with China, like Malaysia.

Dato' Goh Hin San, president of the Han Culture Centre Malaysia, remarked that 50 years ago, China and Malaysia formally established comprehensive diplomatic relations. Malaysia was the first ASEAN country to establish diplomatic relations with China, opening a new chapter in China-ASEAN relations. 

Zhang Aijun, chairman of the Beijing Publishing Group, pointed out in a speech that the books, as "new messengers" of cultural exchanges between the two countries, will build bridges connecting Malaysian youth with Chinese culture. 

He also expressed anticipation that this event will further promote cultural integration and mutual learning between China and Malaysia, injecting new vitality and impetus into the world's cultural endeavors.