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PLA Air Force film ‘Sky Hunter’ demonstrates China’s growing military confidence

With the recent rise in military films and dramas, as well as the incredible success of military action film Wolf Warrior 2, it seems that the Chinese military has been growing more open and confident about being in the public eye.
Source: Global Times | 2017/9/14 18:28:39

‘The Insult’ takes on taboos of Lebanon’s civil war

Nearly three decades after it ended, Lebanon's civil war returned to haunt Beirut this week at a screening of the film The Insult, which forcefully explores the taboos of the conflict.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/14 16:38:39

‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ hero ‘was black boy,’ according to Roald Dahl’s widow

The hero of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book was originally written as a black boy, the author's widow told the BBC on Wednesday.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/14 15:53:40

‘Sheikh Jackson’ moonwalks into Toronto International Film Festival

Egyptian director Amr Salama pays homage to the late Michael Jackson in his new film Sheikh Jackson, a tale of how a young imam struggles to reconcile his desire to be a better Muslim with his love for the King of Pop.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/13 18:33:39

Stephen King’s ‘It’ smashes records with massive $117 million opening

It came; It saw; It conquered. The New Line and Warner Bros adaptation of Stephen King's novel is officially shattering box-office records during its opening weekend in North America. The R-rated horror film should make a whopping $117.2 million from 4,103 locations, far surpassing earlier expectations.
Source: Reuters | 2017/9/11 17:53:40

Gainsbourg returns to music

French pop and film star Charlotte Gainsbourg on Friday returned to music with a dreamy electronic track co-written by one-half of Daft Punk.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/10 17:53:40

Del Toro’s fairy tale wins top prize at Venice film festival

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water, a dark fairy tale in which a mute cleaning lady falls in love with an aquatic creature, won the Golden Lion award for best film at the Venice film festival on Saturday.
Source: Reuters | 2017/9/10 16:38:39

Venice Film Fest ends with 'The shape of water' winner of Golden Lion

"The Shape of Water" by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro was awarded the Golden Lion as best film at the 74th Venice Film Festival, which closed Saturday evening.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/10 11:28:18

Mexican director wins Golden Lion in Venice

"There is a moment in every storyteller's life, no matter what age you are, when you will risk it all and do something different," Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro said Saturday evening after winning the Golden Lion Award with "The shape of water."
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/10 7:03:20

John Woo's "Manhunt" debuts at Venice Film Festival

Chinese filmmaker John Woo's new action movie made its debut here at the 74th edition of Venice Film Festival on Friday.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/9 7:56:21

Chinese movie "Angels wear white" brings female perspectives on screen

Chinese movie "Angels wear white" premiered here at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/8 8:28:04

2017 Toronto Int'l Film Festival kicks off

The 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) kicked off on Thursday with some 340 films to screen at the event, which runs until September 17.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/8 8:25:33

A look back to Australia’s future

Indigenous Australian director Warwick Thornton hopes his look at one of the darkest periods in his country's past will help it make better decisions in the future.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/7 17:48:40

John Woo's action thriller comes to Venice film festival

Manhunt, Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo's latest action thriller, is heading for the 74th Venice International Film Festival for its worldwide premier.
Source: Global Times | 2017/9/7 17:08:40

Over 3,000 visitors enjoy virtual reality at Venice Film Fest

Within the old buildings of the Lazzaretto Vecchio, audience members of the Venice Film Festival patiently queued to watch a screening.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/7 7:57:39

McDonagh and McDormand wow Venice film festival

British-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh wowed the Venice film festival Monday with Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, a darkly hilarious drama featuring Frances McDormand as a rage-fueled grieving mother.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/6 18:13:39

Christopher Nolan’s immersive storytelling storms mainland cinemas

With his latest war film Dunkirk, director Christopher Nolan yet again has his name buzzing across China.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/6 18:08:39

News Aronofsky's horror "Mother!" meets with mixed boos, cheers at Venice Film Fest

A movie by American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky was met with mixed reactions at the 74th edition of Venice Film Festival on Tuesday.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/9/6 7:35:39