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1st bout of personnel changes after plenum

The first round of personnel adjustment within the Communist Party of China (CPC) and government has been launched, marked by some experts as a sign to carry out the reform plan from the Party's key plenum earlier this month.
Source: Global Times | 2013/11/22 1:13:02

Pandas to receive wild training

Six giant pandas bred in captivity will be sent to a newly built reintroduction research center in Sichuan Province next month for a training program before their final return to the wilderness, a local panda research base announced yesterday.
Source: Global Times | 2011/12/22 1:33:29

15 deceased awarded after Xinjiang terrorist clash

Fifteen community workers and police officers who died during a terrorist clash on April 23 in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have been awarded for their bravery.
Source: Xinhua | 2013/4/30 8:35:28

Provincial leaders named in reshuffle

China has made a leadership pivot through the appointment of “younger, more professional” provincial Party secretaries this week in a move observers say reflects expectations from the country's leadership for local governments to better carry out reforms.
Source: Global Times | 2013/3/22 0:38:01

Chinese auditors spot 9,400 clues on alleged malpractices

China's top auditing body has said it spotted about 9,400 clues on alleged serious malpractices and transferred them to judicial departments in the past five years.
Source: Xinhua | 2013/2/11 10:09:24

China ends free postgrad tuition

The State Council, or China's cabinet, on Wednesday announced that the country will begin to charge tuition fees for all its postgraduate students while offering more flexible choices of student financial aid.
Source: Xinhua | 2013/2/7 10:51:13

No repeat of Chongqing: scholars

In order to prevent China from straying from its path of pursuing the rule of law, high-profile intellectuals and scholars called for a thorough reflection on the failed “Chongqing Model,” which was characterized by a gangster-style anti-crime campaign and revival of the Cultural Revolution's ideology.
Source: Global Times | 2012/12/3 23:55:10

Change must be balanced with continuity

In political academia, there are various theories and interpretations regarding the Communist Party of China's (CPC) procedures during the leadership transition. In particular the institutionalization of the CPC's leadership changeovers is drawing increasing attention.
Source: Global Times | 2012/11/13 0:05:04

Beijing boosts non-Party hires

More than 100 people have been appointed to temporary posts in Beijing's municipal government despite not being Communist Party of China members. Some say the appointments show the government is more open to hiring talent regardless of a person's political status.
Source: Global Times | 2011/10/24 1:50:34

Culture to lead tough reforms

Top Chinese officials are convening to ponder ways of enriching cultural values, in another bid to drive the nation's reforms further and deeper.
Source: Global Times | 2011/10/17 2:50:31

Energy tax to be expanded

The State Council, or China's cabinet, announced on Monday that it will tax all resource products starting November 1, extending the resource tax on domestic sales of crude oil and natural gas from some regions to the entire country.
Source: Global Times | 2011/10/12 0:40:33

Local govts urged to open books

After the majority of central government departments and ministries declared their "three public expenses" – spending on official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips – local governments in China have come under criticism for failing to follow suit.
Source: Global Times | 2011/9/16 3:13:44

Zhu speeches published

Former premier Zhu Rongji, known for his bold reforms and tough stance against bureaucracy and corruption, published Thursday a collection of his speeches and other documents from his time in office.
Source: Global Times | 2011/9/9 3:45:04

Expo to present balanced image of Xinjiang

Despite the silent tension in the air, Xinjiang launched its first China-Eurasia Expo in a seemingly festive mood on Thursday. The five-day event can present a balanced image of the region, rather than a dazzling display of achievements, noted local officials and residents.
Source: Global Times | 2011/9/2 2:15:20

China on 'peaceful path'

China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and uphold a defense policy that is defensive in nature, according to a white paper titled "China's Peaceful Development" released Tuesday.
Source: Global Times | 2011/9/7 3:29:44

Payouts for Bohai oil spills 'unlikely'

Legal and management problems should be solved before ecological compensation for oil spills that occurred in June in the Bohai Bay affecting an area of over 840 square kilometers are realized, some experts pointed out.
Source: Global Times | 2011/7/14 4:01:00

Helping Tibet

The "Aid Tibet" policy can be traced back to 1951 following Tibet's peaceful liberation. According to Jin Wei, a professor with the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, there were several reasons for the policy, based on her study of top leaders' speeches and important writings: tough natural conditions, a late start in economic development, special social and historical conditions, complicated ethnic and religious problems and the important strategic position that affects the country's integrity and security.
Source: Global Times | 2011/7/11 5:11:27

Supreme Court talks tough

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) made a judicial interpretation of the Amendment (VIII) to the Criminal Law on Sunday, calling for leniency not to be shown to those guilty of the most heinous crimes.
Source: Global Times | 2011/6/14 6:16:56