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Modern US democracy far from ideal

Many researches into elections imply that there are only a slim number of voters who would cast ballots out of their own free will.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/4 18:18:39

A 2017 outlook on China-US-Russia trilateral relationship

Above all, the Russia-US relationship may be eased in 2017. The Sino-US relationship may deteriorate but only moderately. The China-Russia relationship will continue its high-speed development. In other words, the relationship among China, Russia and the US will continue to be stable in 2017.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/4 12:13:39

Trump’s antagonism toward China may provoke unwanted reaction

Trump should know this will be ugly and China will react. Does he really want to start his presidency with a taut relationship with the world’s most populous country?
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/4 12:13:39

China an important partner of European states, says chairman of OSCE

I look forward to close cooperation with all participating states and sincerely welcome the insights and collaboration of our partners outside the OSCE region.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/3 20:13:39

Chinese media must dispel Asian stereotypes

Will the world embrace the Chinese influence if China’s own media glorifies whites in savior roles leading Chinese subordinates as seen in The Great Wall? Will Chinese media fill its people with well-deserved racial pride or continue perpetuating a misplaced sense of inferiority?
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/3 20:08:39

Diplomatic puzzles for China to solve in 2017

Careful and thoughtful Chinese diplomacy, in conjunction with efforts by the other interested nations, can also create a foundation for a more peaceful Middle East and North African region in the medium- to long-term. This would certainly be a win-win result which would demonstrate evidence of China’s positive intentions in international affairs.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/3 11:28:39

It’s time for China’s ‘giant infants’ to become responsible adults

Believing that problems are inevitable, trying to ignore and maybe escape from the enigmas are often their first choice, until one day, their games are over before they grow up.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/2 18:38:39

Why is charismatic leadership fading away in European politics?

It seems today’s Europe does not support charismatic leaders, Brexit and the Italian constitutional referendum triggered the departure of David Cameron and Matteo Renzi, two potentially charismatic figures with young, capable and eloquent countenance.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/2 11:13:39

Beijing not ready to fill vacuum left by Washington

China playing a more important role in the international arena is an irrefutable fact, but it is unlikely for China to replace the US as a global leader now.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/29 18:23:39

National interest, the same language of Beijing, Washington and Moscow

China, for its part, is sure to respond with measures of its own. As a result, the balance in the Sino-US relations will probably shift more toward competition, but will not slide toward the sort of confrontation that the US-Russian relations have experienced since 2014.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/29 17:18:39

What a US-Russia detente means for China

Many worry that the improvements will raise China’s external pressure and break the joint efforts of China and Russia to counterbalance the West.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/29 15:13:39

China's ascension to global leadership: challenges and opportunities

One major factor that will either enable or impede global stability will be the status of the US-China relationship. If it is more cooperative than competitive, the weight of the two largest economies and two largest military powers will be a force for enlightened global leadership. The path the US and China, respectively, take will determine if that global partnership unfolds.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/29 10:43:39

Small Manhattan shop provides light in a year marred by tragedies

The relationship between the two countries may be facing some bumps along the road, but it just is not possible that it could head back to the icy status of decades ago.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/28 20:13:39

All-round reforms needed in healthcare

Why is doctors receiving kickbacks such a common occurrence? What effects will it have on China’s healthcare reform? What can be done to deal with this problem? The Global Times has collected three articles on the issue.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/28 18:58:39

New nuclear developments point to real possibilities of US-Russia arms race

The biggest developing country, China, must safeguard itself by increasing military expenditure in wake of the US and South Korea’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, which leads to a major exposure of China’s defense forces.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/28 16:08:39

Trumptopia sans China, a disaster

One uncomfortable aspect of this disastrous scenario Trump fails to address in his discourse is that many small-scale, American manufacturing companies have also flourished from the availability of cheaply produced Chinese materials, which make up portions of the products assembled in US factories.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/27 18:33:39

International community objects to Israel's trouble-making behavior: experts

What to make of China’s stance over the issue? What is the prospect of future US-Israel relationship? What role will China play in the Middle East?
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/27 17:18:39

A nuclear arms race not likely despite Trump’s ambitions

Beijing will continue to respect the international efforts of keeping nuclear proliferation under control. Strengthening nuclear capability is another ideal choice for China, but it should be noted that China’s nuclear efforts are for deterrence and bear no resemblance to Cold War-like arms race.
Source: Global Times | 2016/12/26 9:53:39