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  • Fang Xiaoru Memorial carries forward traditional Chinese culture, patriotism

    A memorial of Fang Xiaoru, a prestigious Confucianist scholar in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), located in the suburb of Shanghai, is gaining popularity among the public and scholars. Students in Shanghai are also increasingly visiting it to learn about Confucianism, ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2024/4/14 19:44:41
  • China to remain 'world factory;' 2024 provides opportunity for companies to transform: Roland Berger

    "Thanks to improved productivity, broad and deep industrial clusters, and well-established infrastructure, China was, is, and will remain the factory of the world. The combination of a broad local market and the strong legacy export base makes China difficult to ...

    By Feng Yu | 2024/1/27 0:33:07
  • The making of film 'Dogman': Luc Besson shares with Chinese fans

    Chinese fans of Luc Besson were overwhelmingly excited when they had the oppor-tunity to meet in person the prestigious French director and his team in Shanghai on Sunday when Dogman was premiered in the city.

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2023/12/10 21:49:46
  • Awards ceremony promoting traditional Chinese filial piety culture held in Shanghai

    The awards ceremony for the 2023 Want Want Filial Piety Songwriting and Short Film Competi-tion was held on Monday in Shanghai to promote China's traditional culture of respecting and caring for the elderly. A total of 178 awards were presented ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2023/10/24 2:47:10
  • China's first magazine-themed store launched in Shanghai

    China's first magazine-themed store was launched at a park in downtown Shanghai in July. Besides magazines, cultural and creative products are available. The store also sells drinks and operates a restaurant, which the management hopes can help the traditional brick ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2023/7/20 0:45:33
  • New Zealand PM Hipkins promotes new products, service entering Chinese market, vowing firm govt support

    Before concluding his six-day China visit, New Zealand Prime Minster Chris Hipkins on Friday attended a New Zealand-themed partnership and product launch event in Shanghai, witnessing a series of MOU signing and new products and services from New Zealand entering ...

    By Feng Yu | 2023/6/30 18:07:45
  • Museum of Art Pudong launches 'The Greats of Six Centuries' exhibition, enhances China-Europe cultural exchanges

    The Museum of Art Pudong launched "The Greats of Six Centuries" exhibition on Thursday in Shanghai, showcasing 70 paintings from the Spanish art museum Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, encompassing different genres of portrait, landscape, still life. Art experts and museum insiders ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2023/6/22 16:19:50
  • Dominican Republic launches consulate general in Shanghai to facilitate mutual exchanges

    The Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Shanghai is the first Consulate General of the Dominican Republic established in the Chinese mainland.

    By Feng Yu | 2023/6/1 20:23:24
  • Dominican Republic launches consulate general in Shanghai to facilitate mutual exchanges

    The Dominican Republic launched its consulate general in Shanghai on Monday with diplomats and officials from the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shanghai municipal government attending the event to celebrate the inauguration.

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2023/5/29 23:44:49
  • Syrian family finds 'home away from home' in East China's Ningbo

    China's prosperous and secure society has not only secured the life of its citizens but also provided a "home away from home" for expats from around the globe. Learn about the happy life of 8-year-old Syrian Danyal in E.China's Ningbo.

    By Feng Yu in Ningbo | 2023/3/30 10:24:31
  • Tourists welcomed to interact with art and cultural projects at Shanghai's ancient Sijing

    Sijing Ancient Town in Shanghai's suburban Songjiang district greeted its first group of visitors on March 17, after years of protective development and renovation, promoting itself as a culture-themed venue and being different from most other stereotyped ancient towns in ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2023/3/23 22:01:54
  • Expats find advantages in bringing up their families in China

    An article in The New York Times titled China Helped Raise My American Kids, and They Turned Out Fine by a US mother may partially explain why an increasing number of expat families are choosing Chinese schools for their children, ...

    By Feng Yu in Ningbo | 2023/3/19 23:05:03
  • Expats find advantages in bringing up their families in China

    An article in the New York Times titled China Helped Raise My American Kids, and They Turned Out Fine by an American mother may partially explain why an increasing number of expat families are choosing Chinese schools for their children, ...

    By Feng Yu in Ningbo | 2023/3/16 0:42:46
  • Encouraged by Xi's letters, grassroots Party officials, young trailblazers in East China advance rural revitalization with firm resolve

    With rural revitalization as a primary focus, China has attached great importance to issues related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In President Xi Jinping's speech at the central rural work conference in December 2022, he called for efforts to ...

    By Feng Yu in Ningbo | 2023/3/6 17:03:39
  • Small village sets an example for China's rural revitalization

    Hundreds of hiking enthusiasts living in the Yangtze River Delta Region got to experience new hiking routes in the Siming Mountain area on Tuesday as the Siming Mountain, China Red Travel Festival kicked off in Hengkantou village in Yuyao, East ...

    By Feng Yu in Yuyao | 2023/3/1 23:44:35
  • Innovative animated series empowers Chinese tradition

    A new Chinese animated folktale series earned more than 10 million views during the first three days of January 2023, becoming the newest big hit. Experts and critics are calling Yao-Chinese Folktales, which debuted on January 1 on Chinese streaming ...

    By Feng Yu and Xu Liuliu | 2023/1/8 21:16:40
  • Innovative animation film empowers century-old Chinese classics

    Yao-Chinese Folktales animation series became a hit in the first week of 2023 as viewership surpassed 10 million within three days following its debut on January 1 on Chinese streaming platform Bilibili, which some experts and movie critics viewed as ...

    By Feng Yu | 2023/1/7 20:47:55
  • Chances of reinfection with XBB over short term slim for people recovered from BA.5.2 and BF.7 strains: infectious disease expert

    With concern rising among Chinese public that the currently prevalent XBB variant in Europe and the US may cause another round of infections in China even among those who had recovered from COVID-19, experts have confirmed that chances of reinfection ...

    By Feng Yu | 2023/1/3 18:13:15
  • East Asian countries join hands to protect endangered crested ibis

    A China-Japan-South Korea friendship exchange program aimed at protecting the endangered crested ibis was launched on Saturday in Shanghai. Experts, diplomats and scholars from the three neighboring countries shared their experiences in improving ecological protection and biodiversity and vowed to ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2022/11/13 21:06:47
  • Shanghai, on the brink of normality

    As mobility restrictions are about to be lifted on Wednesday, more and more pedestrians and vehicles appear on streets and increasing amounts of shops and stores reopen in East China's Shanghai, a city on the brink of normality.

    By Feng Yu and Qi Xijia | 2022/6/1 0:55:02
  • Shanghai recovers from COVID-19 pandemic

    Shanghai is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic as residents are allowed to get out of communities and business and production resume operation. The hustle and bustle is returning to the metropolis, which will resume public transport and allow vehicles on ...

    By Wu Shiliu and Feng Yu | 2022/5/30 22:46:00
  • Shanghai on the way back to normal

    More residents are seen on streets in Shanghai on May 28 as their compounds are virus free and they can move between designated areas. The city, with a population over 25 million, is expected to see a large scale of ...

    By Feng Yu | 2022/5/28 19:33:56
  • Shanghai expats find creative ways to boost morale, bond with locals in Omicron fight

    The Global Times presents different stories unfolding during the current anti-epidemic battle in Shanghai, to showcase the city's tenderness, optimism, and diversity. This is the second installment.

    By Hu Yuwei, Shan Jie, Xing Xiaojing in Beijing, and Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2022/4/25 23:31:41
  • Chinese staff recalls their warm yet dignified reception of Richard Nixon in his Shanghai visit 50 years ago

    Fifty years ago, a joint China-US communiqué was issued in Shanghai, marking former US president Richard Nixon's week-long historic visit to China, which became a diplomatic breakthrough in modern China-US relations. That ice-breaking trip also gave many Chinese people an opportunity ...

    By Feng Yu and Yu Xi | 2022/2/28 23:20:39
  • 'Our performances were not that revolutionary': Shanghai acrobat recounts Nixon's China Visit in 1972

    Here is the story of Zhou Liangtie, the first acrobat to perform for the US delegation on February 27, 1972.

    By Feng Yu | 2022/2/28 1:33:54
  • Receptionist recounts Nixon's visit to China in 1972

    85-year-old He Zhaofa, receptionist at the Jin Jiang Hotel who served then US President Richard Nixon in 1972 in Shanghai, shared with the Global Times some details of the encounter.

    By Feng Yu | 2022/2/28 0:12:55
  • Sculpture 'Song of Survivors' debuts in Shanghai to remember Chinese-Jewish friendship

    The original bronze sculpture "Song of the Survivors" debuted in Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum Thursday morning to remember the great friendship between the Chinese and Jewish people based on sincerity, love and faith during World War II.

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2022/1/27 19:26:51
  • Chinese netizens applaud 'catching a mouse in a china shop' anti-virus measures in Shanghai

    Chinese netizens gave a thumbs up to the country's "precise anti-virus measure" as a 20-square meter milk tea store in downtown Shanghai was upgraded to the latest medium-risk area in China on Thursday night, which netizens joked was the smallest ...

    By Feng Yu | 2022/1/14 11:58:20
  • Shanghai café pioneers anti-dysmnesia efforts by training seniors as baristas to interact with customers

    What can local communities do to ease or defer the problem of dysmnesia in senior citizens? The Memory Café in Pudong in East China's Shanghai may have found its way to help senior residents in the area by organizing immersive interactive ...

    By Feng Yu | 2021/11/18 23:43:39
  • Coronavirus challenge helps Belt and Road Initiative innovate in health supply chain

    Authors of the report Health Silk Road 2020, a Bridge to the Future of the Health for All, and experts agreed that China has and will continue to play a vital role in the global medical supply chain in fighting ...

    By Feng Yu | 2021/3/15 14:43:39
  • Shaoxing firms encourage workers to stay in place for the coming festival holidays

    With the Spring Festival, the most important traditional holiday for family reunion in China, only days away, governments of all levels and enterprises of all scales across China for the first time have encouraged residents to celebrate the holiday at ...

    By Feng Yu from Shaoxing | 2021/2/2 19:31:40
  • Shanghai Pudong Airport starts testing all staff after COVID-19 cases discovered

    Shanghai Pudong Airport started on Sunday night testing all staff after the airport found several cargo handlers and close contacts tested positive for the coronavirus over the past several days.

    By Cui Fandi, Feng Yu and Hu Yuwei | 2020/11/23 1:32:44
  • China plans to build a new university of science and technology amid US assault on Chinese tech

    Hunan Province in Central China unveiled a plan to construct a new university of science and technology amid the on-going China-US tech war, according to a three-year plan published on the website of Hunan provincial government.

    By Feng Yu and Qi Xijia | 2020/8/11 22:55:17
  • GT Exclusive: Wet markets critical in providing market supply to Shanghai residents

    "How can American politicians point fingers so far as to demand the shutdown of our wet markets? Will they support us financially, then?" asked a seafood vendor at the Shanghai Orient International Aquatic Product Center, responding to news that a ...

    By Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2020/4/14 1:13:40
  • Crisis becomes opportunity for Chinese exporters to focus on domestic market

    Beleaguered Chinese exporters are making shrewd moves to focus more on the domestic market and turn the coronavirus pandemic into an impetus for their climb up the value chain.

    By Feng Yu and Li Qiaoyi in Ningbo | 2020/4/13 22:18:40
  • Shanghai, Wuhan embrace reopened and sanitized markets for fresh food

    Wet markets in many provinces and regions across China have been reopened in succession as cities in Hubei Province get released from lockdown. Restored fresh markets have to meet strict measurements regarding graded epidemic prevention and control standards.

    By Zhao Yusha in Wuhan and Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2020/4/13 19:23:41
  • Shanghai doctor aiding Wuhan shares COVID-19 experience with overseas counterparts

    It's high time to share the effective measures that Chinese medical professionals have adopted in Wuhan and Hubei with the world, as epidemiologists warned the global battle against COVID-19 is just starting and cases outside China are expected to spike.

    By Feng Yu | 2020/3/24 18:23:22
  • Shanghai doctor with Wuhan experience ready to fight COVID-19

    Shanghai doctors who just came back from Wuhan are already lending a helping hand to foreign countries being confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Feng Yu | 2020/3/19 19:38:41
  • Stay or return, Chinese parents divided on children studying in the US

    Xiu Wen from Shanghai has never been so worried about her son, a freshman at the University of California, Irvine when the first novel coronavirus cases were reported in the US. She described her fears in the last few days ...

    By Feng Yu | 2020/3/15 11:57:47
  • Snake farmers in China bear the brunt of wildlife ban amid COVID-19 outbreak

    Yang Xiaoxia, a snake farmer in Deqing, East China's Zhejiang Province never expected 2020 would bring her such appalling financial distress as the Chinese government imposed a temporary ban on all wildlife trade in the wake of the COVID-19 ...

    By Feng Yu | 2020/3/9 15:53:40
  • Victim calls self-proclaimed spy Wang Liqiang a born liar, regrets not exposing him

    Wang Liqiang, the self-proclaimed Chinese spy who defected to Australia, seems to have become an abandoned card after being used by Western media, yet some politicians on the island of Taiwan have ignored the facts and are mixing up black ...

    By Zhao Juecheng in Beijing and Feng Yu in Shanghai | 2019/12/29 17:44:44
  • The man behind 'fairy bird' revival in East China

    China made a miracle in saving and protecting giant pandas from the verge of extinction, and now the miracle is repeated for the crested ibis, which is also known as an auspicious "fairy bird" or "beauty bird" in Asian culture. ...

    By Feng Yu in Deqing | 2019/12/12 20:53:43
  • Dangerous reptiles bring thriving businesses to a Chinese village

    Snakes can bite. Snakes can kill. But snakes can be friends with human too. This friendship is part of the economic and cultural fabric of Zisiqiao, a tiny village in East China's Zhejiang Province, which has been telling a story ...

    By Feng Yu | 2019/12/11 19:43:40
  • The Shanghai experience of attracting and keeping expats

    Home to more than 200,000 expats, Shanghai accommodates the largest expat population in the Chinese mainland. The experiences of serving expats across Shanghai's communities can be a model for other parts of China as an increasing number of expats are ...

    By Feng Yu and Yu Xi in Shanghai | 2019/11/20 19:23:40
  • WeChat commercial practice a mixed bag for platforms and consumers

    Shanghainese woman You You is one of WeChat's 1.1 billion users, and a huge fan of a bilingual public account run by a media outlet.

    By Feng Yu | 2019/9/10 16:58:39
  • Chinese families pursue fierce school admission journey

    Zhan Yan, the father of Zhan Chenglin, a grade 12 student from Shanghai, was quite satisfied this summer as his son was admitted to Fudan University in Shanghai, one of China's elite educational institutions.

    By Feng Yu | 2019/7/24 17:58:40
  • Granddaughter of US missionaries explores her family's history with China

    During a time when people in China and the US are uncertain about where the relationship between the two countries is going, Ellen Touchstone, a US citizen whose family has a special tie with China that was established 100 years ...

    By Feng Yu and Yuan Ziyun | 2019/7/16 17:18:59
  • Granddaughter of US missionaries uncovers her family's history with China

    During a time when people in China and the US are uncertain about where the relationship between the two countries is going, Ellen Touchstone, a US citizen whose family has a special tie with China that was established 100 years ...

    By Feng Yu and Yuan Ziyun | 2019/7/15 19:55:15
  • Cyclists experience beauty of authentic northern Xinjiang

    Tour de Sayram Lake Road Cycling Race was held in June in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

    By Feng Yu in Bortala | 2019/7/3 18:03:41
  • Xinjiang kicks off 5-day bicycle race

    Organizers announced the official launch of the 13th China Xinjiang Tour de Saryam Lake Road Cycling Race on Saturday in Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The race starts on June 23 in Jinghe County and ends ...

    By Feng Yu in Bortala | 2019/6/23 11:58:39
  • China, CEEC aim for more cooperation at expo

    Attendees from both Chinese and European governments expressed hopes to strengthen cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) at the China-CEEC Cooperation Forum held on Sunday in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang Province.

    By Feng Yu in Ningbo | 2019/6/9 21:23:39
  • China, CEEC aim for more cooperation at expo

    Attendees from both Chinese and European governments expressed hopes to strengthen cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) at the China-CEEC Cooperation Forum held on Sunday in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang Province.

    By Feng Yu in Ningbo | 2019/6/9 17:08:39
  • BRI turns Cambodian boy from souvenir peddler to international student

    Fifteen-year-old Cambodian boy Thuch Salik never expected to become the first Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) talent at an international school in China in 2019.

    By Feng Yu in Zhuji | 2019/5/28 18:08:40
  • A dormitory receptionist keeps learning a lifelong habit, studies hard

    Yuan Mengyuan suddenly became an inspiring name on Chinese social media in April as the 49-year-old university dormitory receptionist in Shanghai got admitted to Guangxi University as a graduate student. Coincidentally, prestigious Fudan University also admitted her son as a ...

    By Feng Yu | 2019/5/8 16:23:40
  • Chinese families sending children abroad share experiences, concerns

    December was a very important month for many Chinese middle-class families who applied to universities in the United States. Top US schools often announce the results of early applications in mid-December, leaving an equal proportion of Chinese applicants either ecstatic ...

    By Feng Yu | 2019/1/2 19:03:39
  • The new year is the perfect time to reconsider our career choices

    I have many veteran media friends in Shanghai. Some have made smooth transitions from print-journalism to new-media. They were willing to ride the wave of technology, switching from old-fashioned reportage to online digital content where clicks, shares and likes reign ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/12/27 18:33:40
  • Forum for co-development between China and the US held in Shanghai

    In Allison's view, China is a rising and risen power and the impact of it is that as China realizes its own dream to “make China great again,” it is displacing the US from its accustomed position at the top ...

    By Feng Yu and Yao Jiaying | 2018/12/17 18:38:39
  • Studying overseas is not a panacea for Chinese parents

    Whenever a child fails an exam or does not perform well, the new solution for many Chinese parents is to think that they should simply send their child to a country whose schools have less students and, thus, less competition.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/11/15 18:48:42
  • Psychological consulting urged to relieve Chinese teen stress

    Extreme Chinese teens and even college students would commit suicide after failing an exam, which our modern society raises them to believe means everything in life. Even though we like to say that life is a marathon, we shouldn't focus ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/11/11 18:38:39
  • Volunteering offers students academic and career hints

    For college students who will serve at CIIE next month, I would suggest to them that they take this rare and important opportunity to do more than just volunteering.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/10/21 18:03:41
  • WeChat parent groups clash with teachers over education

    Teachers keep an authoritative front against parents just as they do with students.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/10/15 18:58:40
  • Quick, clear news releases leave no room for online rumors

    We journalists usually have a different holiday schedule from the general public. This past Mid-Autumn Festival, I was on a standby situation Friday as we don't print the newspaper from Saturday to Monday.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/9/25 18:08:39
  • I was fined for not giving way to a pedestrian, but it's fine

    There is criticism concerning privacy protection among the public, but in fact the cameras protect the majority the public's life and assets to a larger extent.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/9/18 19:48:39
  • How to tell the Chinese story to build a positive country image

    Over 200 scholars from Chinese and Western universities, institutes and think tanks along with veteran journalists from domestic and foreign media recently attended the second annual China's Image and Global Communication Forum hosted by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).

    By Feng Yu | 2018/6/28 19:08:40
  • Taking the stage

    The International Symposium on Contemporary Theater Directing and Theater Director Education was held on June 16-18 in Shanghai. Experts and scholars in this field from eight countries attended the event and exchanged viewpoints.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/6/21 19:43:40
  • Chinese parents no longer sure about sending children to US

    Last week, an article published in the Los Angeles Times stirred hot debate among Chinese families who plan to send their children to the United States for a university education.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/6/5 19:28:40
  • Seeking Arrangement app case a lesson for authorities

    The notorious Seeking Arrangement website has gained a lot media attention in China recently after it was reported that its Chinese language app had reached the top of Apple's app store social networking category.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/5/29 18:28:39
  • Foreign friendly practices in China also applied to Chinese

    The news of an 11-year-old Filipino girl who went missing in Shanghai went viral Sunday and Monday on local social media platforms.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/5/23 18:58:39
  • One-day tour recommendations near Shanghai

    In many Chinese literature essays, writers describe April as the most beautiful season on earth. Although the saying goes that “Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth,” Shanghai, the city between Suzhou and ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/4/22 14:33:39
  • Cook affordable seasonal Shanghai dishes in your own kitchen

    Chinese people get used to eating different seasonal dishes in accordance with the solar calendar, especially here in the Yangtze River Delta region, where the four seasons and the climate help cultivate different vegetables depending on the time of year.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/4/16 18:08:39
  • Doublove holds 2018 autumn/winter collection launch

    Doublove, a brand under EP Yaying, held its 2018 autumn/winter collection launch on March 25 in Sanlitun, Beijing.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/4/1 16:03:39
  • Ancient One Yuan Teahouse in neighboring Huzhou strives to exist amidst modern cafes

    With coffee shops of both international and domestic brands now occupying nearly every street corner in China's first- and second-tier cities, the market share for traditional local teahouses has shrunk over the past decade. The One Yuan Teahouse in Digang ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/3/28 17:48:40
  • School of Chinese Studies and Exchanges of Shanghai International Studies University holds city tour

    About 40 newly enrolled international students from the School of Chinese Studies and Exchanges of Shanghai International Studies University had a one-day tour of Shanghai this past Saturday to get to know the city better.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/3/20 18:13:39
  • Translator Anna Holmwood is the hero of Jin Yong's wuxia

    With the first batch of books from the A Hero Born: Legends of the Condor Heroes series entering the Chinese market in February, the public has given their thumbs-up to foreign translator Anna Holmwood.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/3/4 19:03:39
  • Police presence, friendly Chinese people and security cameras praised by expats

    “Is China a safe country?” This is a frequently asked question on social media platforms around the world. China is still a “mysterious middle kingdom” in many foreigners' eyes. Expatriates who have already visited, worked and lived here have the ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/2/28 19:48:39
  • New Zealand avocados enter China

    The Consulate General of New Zealand is celebrating the country's first shipment of avocados to China, which have arrived in Shanghai. Guergana Guermanoff, New Zealand Consul General in Shanghai, delivered a speech at the event to express her pride over this ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/2/22 18:23:39
  • Virtual games targeting single females lead to difficult reality

    Modern Chinese society discriminates against women in a variety of way, but I never imagined that one must get married just to make their life complete. Only when one plus one equals more than two does the math add up.

    By Feng Yu | 2018/1/28 19:03:39
  • Gender matters

    Do Chinese women enjoy equal social status with Chinese men? Compared with women in developed countries, how do Chinese women rank in social status? Is workplace gender inequality a big issue in China? With those questions in mind, the Global ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/1/18 18:38:40
  • Overly concerned parents damage children and society

    I enjoyed my last lunch of 2017 at a wedding banquet held at Park Hotel in downtown Shanghai, during which I presented a hongbao (red envelope stuffed with cash) and my best wishes to two of my colleagues who recently ...

    By Feng Yu | 2018/1/2 18:23:39
  • Patients benefit from anti-graft efforts of Shanghai hospitals

    My mother spent four and a half days in a Shanghai hospital last week because of a bone fracture in her left arm, which cost us about 40,000 yuan ($6,061) in fees.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/12/18 18:43:40
  • How a fourth-tier Chinese city upgraded its economy with German characteristics

    A growing number of foreign small- and medium-sized enterprises are setting up branches in Taicang's high-tech zone.

    By Feng Yu and Qi Xijia in Taicang | 2017/12/6 18:53:39
  • Roots, family, culture, history

    Sidney Cheung, lead instructor at Capstone Shanghai Ltd, was born in 1987 in Hong Kong.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/11/7 18:58:39
  • Family reunion

    Mid-Autumn Festival means family reunion for many Chinese people. This year, the festival fell on October 4 and became part of the weeklong National Day holiday. To most, it's an opportunity to take an extended overseas journey, an urban life ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/10/10 18:23:39
  • Explore Oslo treasures

    Middle class Chinese families are expanding their travel destinations from Asia to America, and from West to northern Europe. Distance is no longer a concern for those who desire authentic experiences and local flavors.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/9/14 18:33:39
  • Norwegian ambitions

    “Salmon, the fjord, Aurora Borealis, tall people, long cold winters ... ” These are some of the general impressions of Norway most foreigners have of the northern country, this Global Times reporter realized while recently conducting random street interviews in ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/9/6 17:43:39
  • Symmetry, stability and balance

    While covering the Oslo Runway event in Norway in August, this Global Times reporter encountered a strange phenomenon. Her Asian face and live-streaming Putonghua session on popular Chinese social media platforms resulted in herself becoming an interviewee by her Western ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/9/6 17:23:39
  • Deepening ties unite NZ and Asia

    A delegation of nine members from the Asia New Zealand Foundation (ANZF) paid a week-long visit to China from August 24-30 engaging in multiple exchanges and discussions with officials, experts, scholars and business representatives from different fields in China.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/8/30 19:28:40
  • China attracting a growing number of foreign students

    Summer school is a topic that Chinese parents who plan to send their children to study abroad are constantly concerned about. Many elite universities in the United States promote their summer school programs every year to show off their academic ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/7/31 18:53:39
  • Foreign Students' Chinese Dreams

    Several international students participating in the Shanghai Summer School program recently shared with the Global Times their experiences after one month of intensive language learning and cultural exploring activities in the city.

    By Qi Xijia and Feng Yu | 2017/7/27 18:23:39
  • Shanghai summer school

    Over 70 foreign students from 21 countries recently attended a three-day getaway to Anhui Province. Hosted by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) as part of the Shanghai Summer School program, the journey included climbing Huangshan Mountain and visiting Hongcun village ...

    By Qi Xijia and Feng Yu | 2017/7/18 18:43:39
  • Everyday voices vital to building China's global image: forum

    The everyday stories of regular Chinese and foreigners alike are vital parts in helping shape China's positive global image, according to officials and scholars during the China's Image and Global Communications High-end Forum in Shanghai on Saturday.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/6/4 17:35:46
  • 'One Belt, One Road' initiative offers opportunities for Chinese e-bike producers

    With innovation, intelligence and interaction as its theme, the 27th annual China International Bicycle & Motor Fair (China Cycle) was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center from May 6 to 9.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/5/10 17:38:40
  • Professional women sustainable development summit held in Shanghai

    The Chinese Career Women Health Situation White Paper was released at the Global Professional Women Sustainable Development Summit in Shanghai last weekend.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/4/27 17:58:41
  • Innovative Kunqu Opera show combines Chinese tradition and Shakespeare's masterpiece

    Joy Zhang, an HR expert, became quite excited as she watched a new Kunqu Opera performance this past Friday.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/4/19 18:43:40
  • China highlights greater Arctic role

    China will contribute more to the exploration and development of the Arctic especially in infrastructure and scientific research, experts said at a meeting in Shanghai on Saturday.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/4/9 21:28:39
  • China International Fashion Week event hosted in Wuzhen water town

    EP 2017 A/W Fashion Show was held in the ancient water town of Wuzhen in Zhejiang Province on April 1, part of China International Fashion Week, with the theme of “poetic science and technology.”

    By Feng Yu | 2017/4/9 18:03:39
  • Finding solutions together

    A memorandum of understanding was signed Thursday in Shanghai between the Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Yangpu district government to officially announce the Nobel Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

    By Feng Yu | 2017/3/27 19:08:40
  • The Shanghai Literary Review debuts at new monthly open-mic event

    Fifteen aspiring writers and literary enthusiasts of varying nationalities read their essays aloud during a recent open-mic night organized by The Shanghai Literary Review (TSLR), a new publication founded to give a platform to artists and thinkers in this region ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/2/28 17:13:39
  • English language centers train, not teach, Chinese students

    My teenage daughter recently finished a 12-day “concentration camp” TOEFL training. She chose this Test of English as a Foreign Language course, which cost me 23,000 yuan ($3,343), after a month of searching. When we first started looking for a ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/2/13 18:18:39
  • Opening your doors helps make Shanghai international

    Being more welcoming doesn't always have to be about business or commercialism. Simply inviting a non-local friend or colleague over for dinner can make a huge difference in how that person views our city, which in the long-term will further ...

    By Feng Yu | 2017/2/12 18:13:39
  • Voices to be heard

    The First Asian Forum for Deans of Journalism and Communication was held last week in Shanghai with about 100 representatives from 22 countries and regions participating.

    By Feng Yu and Zhong Wenxing | 2016/12/6 18:58:39
  • Divorcing for deeds

    Housing in Shanghai is not just shelter. It is also a threshold for getting marriage, a factor in children's schooling qualifications, and, now, a reason to get divorced.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/11/27 18:23:39
  • Godiva and Webpower win 2016 Benelux Chamber of Commerce Shanghai award

    The fifth edition Best of BenCham awards ceremony was recently held in Shanghai. Organized by the Shanghai chapter of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce (BenCham) in China, the ceremony announced winners for this year's awards.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/11/27 18:13:39
  • It's time for Chinese parents to stop being so spineless

    As a mother with my own rebellious teen daughter, I used to help out my fellow parents in Shanghai spread news on social media whenever one of their teenaged children had run away from home due to a dispute with ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/11/1 18:13:39
  • Military training can cure China's spoiled-child illness

    Newly recruited Shanghai high school students and university freshmen are by national law subject to weeklong military training prior to starting the new semester.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/9/7 18:28:39
  • Shanghai Book Fair promotes city's scholarly atmosphere

    The annual Shanghai Book Fair kicked off Wednesday and will run through August 25. Following its first day, I noticed that the latest round of selfies being shared on WeChat Moments were of adults or their children browsing books or ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/8/18 18:08:39
  • Experts worry religious extremism is infiltrating major Chinese cities

    Religious extremism is spreading in China faster than before, and its impact is greater than ever, affecting Chinese cities and even students on campus, experts warned.

    By Qi Xijia and Feng Yu | 2016/8/2 21:33:39
  • Beat the heat with a Nordic retreat

    In the scorching summer, Chinese people always prefer a cool or even cold vacation destination. Thus, northern Europe is an ideal option for more and more Chinese families during the summer holiday.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/7/24 18:58:00
  • Famous authors share enthusiasm and inspiration ahead of conference

    This week, more than 200 writers from 30 countries descended on East China Normal University for the 14th International Conference on the Short Story in English.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/7/14 18:23:00
  • It's oh so quiet

    Iceland's underdog performance at the 2016 UEFA Euro Championships, during which the country's team surpassed all expectations by reaching the soccer tournament's quarterfinals, will certainly prove to be a boon for its tourism industry.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/7/10 17:38:00
  • Chinese parents demand private education reform

    Kuno Method (known as Hundred Flowers in China), a Japanese-owned “consulting agency” with branches in Shanghai, was ordered to suspend its operations by local educational authorities. The company, which was hugely popular with Chinese parents of children aged 3-6, was ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/6/5 18:33:01
  • Chinese parents not quite ready for their second child

    I was not surprised to hear the news about a mother who scapegoated herself for her son-in-law after he killed someone while drunk driving in Shanghai. The background of the story is that the elderly mother opposed her daughter and ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/5/29 18:08:01
  • Chinese parents split over educational independence

    Chinese parents with grade-9 and grade-12 children usually become anxious in May as local families have to decide which schools to apply to for further studies before students nationwide sit for the fate-deciding Zhongkao and Gaokao exams in June.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/5/19 17:58:01
  • Dying with dignity easier said than done in China

    Nobody expected the recent news of a university student's death to become China's latest viral hot-topic, but the emerging details about his tortuous medical treatment that lead to his death have touched the hearts of people across the nation.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/5/3 18:08:01
  • Anhui school fistfight video slaps China's education system

    A video clip of a brutal fistfight between a teacher and his middle school students in Anhui Province recently went viral, sending shock waves throughout the interwebs about the unruly state of China's educational system.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/4/21 17:23:01
  • Changzhou school pollution case strikes chord across China

    News that 493 students fell ill due to extreme environmental contamination at a school in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, has shocked the Chinese public.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/4/19 17:28:01
  • Sympathy strategy in Shanghai Fudan embezzlement case a farce

    Last week, news that two embezzlers from Shanghai's prestigious Fudan University asked for lenient punishment in the second hearing at Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People's Court provided food for thought among the public.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/4/11 18:08:01
  • Bad parenting blamed for cosmetic surgery obsession

    A program aired on a Jiangsu television station last month about a desperate mother seeking help for her plastic-surgery-obsessed daughter, 29-year-old Yu Bing, who spent 800,000 yuan ($126,984) on 20 plastic surgeries.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/4/7 17:43:01
  • Divorce freedom should be respected

    The divorce sector of the civil affairs bureau in Shanghai's Pudong New Area stirred controversy for “depriving citizens' rights to free marriage” after it began to impose a daily 50-couple limit for divorce applications in order to reduce the number ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/28 18:08:01
  • Women being themselves

    Female professionals, NGO activists, a former world champion boxer and diplomats were among the 60-plus people gathered in the Art Gallery Café last Friday for the “Be Yourself” event organized by the British Consulate General in Shanghai to promote gender ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/23 17:18:01
  • Slash careers are the new normal for young Chinese

    As an editor of one of the largest English-language daily newspapers in Shanghai, I'm always in desperate need of freelance writers, foreign and Chinese alike, who can contribute to our pages. Ideally they should be able to craft articulate and ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/22 17:33:01
  • Chinese women have yet to truly hold up half our sky

    It seems that in any country in the world, whenever a certain day is set aside for a specific group, we can assume that they are discriminated against. Sadly this is especially true about International Women's Day, when all those ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/17 17:58:01
  • Will Shanghai White Rabbit taste sweeter after French manicure?

    While Judy the bunny in Disney's latest film Zootopia is winning applause from Chinese audiences for her courage, bravery and wisdom, Shanghai's White Rabbit has fallen under the Chinese public's ire for attempting to make a similar daring leap.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/16 19:08:01
  • Shanghai seniors are easy prey for snake oil scammers

    It all starts with a flyer in the mail box or an advertisement in a local newspaper claiming that senior citizens can get a free gift, like a wok or a quilt, if they arrive at the designated time and ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/15 18:38:01
  • Thriving in a capital market

    “We are secretaries of the board of the directors instead of serving the board director only,” a dozen women working in the growth enterprises listed on China's New Third Board told the Global Times at a recent career club event.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/7 17:43:01
  • Sell Shanghai property now for millions, or wait for billions?

    News about Shanghai residents flooding district housing trade centers over the past weekend to take advantage of new tax incentives stirred up an already irrational real estate market where desperate first-time homebuyers are pitted against well-off owners in an over-crowded ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/3/1 18:48:01
  • Shanghai sets model for China's future fireworks ban

    Chinese Lunar New Year was this month, but nobody in Shanghai would ever know it, as not a single firecracker was heard nor a single firework seen. Giving new meaning to the carol “Silent Night,” our city surely did sleep ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/23 17:48:01
  • Chinese students arrested abroad a warning for parents

    Last week at a Southern California criminal court, three young Chinese nationals were sentenced to prison. Zhang Xinlei, Yang Yuhan and Zhai Yunyao received jail terms of six years, 10 years and 13 years respectively for their roles in the ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/21 18:43:01
  • Female-friendly Shanghai has long way to gender equality

    Misogynist troll group Return of Kings recently attempted to bring their perverted brand of chauvinism to Shanghai to teach foreign expats here how to sexually seduce Chinese women, but were “bitch-slapped” back to their home country after locals forced founder ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/17 18:28:01
  • Doctor, my eyes have seen the years

    A doctor instructs a student to read an eye chart at the Baoqing Road branch of Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University on Wednesday. Before Shanghai primary and middle school students officially return to the campus Thursday following the ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/17 18:08:01
  • Journey to the northeast

    Snowy and frozen Northeast China (Dongbei) is a popular tourist destination during winter, as people from other parts of China flock to experience temperatures that can drop lower than -30 C.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/4 17:53:01
  • Parents applaud new Shanghai graduate employment report

    Shanghai Fabu (the city administration's social media) recently published, in cooperation with higher education institutions in Shanghai, an employment report on university graduates.

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/3 18:23:01
  • Shanghai ghost-offices reflect Internet Plus bubble

    Last month my company moved offices to a high-rise in downtown Jing'an district. We spent several months seeking a suitable office space, visiting over 20 properties across the city, many of which had been recently vacated by Shanghai's first wave ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/2/1 18:53:01
  • High-scoring students fail in street smarts

    Earlier this month, local media reported that a 20-year-old female student from Shanghai's elite Tongji University had been kidnapped. After the young woman never showed up at her internship and her mobile phone was switched off, her family contacted the ...

    By Feng Yu | 2016/1/26 18:53:01
  • Why I said no to having a second child in my family

    The other night over supper I joked with my family about the idea of having a second child. The central government's historic news amending its three-decade old one-child policy had just been announced, so it seemed like a fitting occasion ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/11/9 19:28:01
  • Chongyang Festival reveals lack of respect for elderly

    For Chongyang Festival yesterday, 100 million elderly mothers, fathers and grandparents across China were wished a happy “old folks day” by their children and relatives.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/10/21 18:08:01
  • Shanghainese should welcome outside talent

    A series of new policies to attract talent from across China and abroad were announced this week by Shanghai authorities.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/7/7 19:18:02
  • China's future graduates will need skills to pay the bills

    A distant cousin in my hometown recently consulted with me about his son's university options and choices of a major after the gaokao (China's national college entrance examinations) scores were revealed nationwide in June.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/7/5 19:33:33
  • Shanghai's stock market fever can be ruinous

    When I called my elderly widowed mother, who lives alone in my hometown, recently to inquire on her health, she evaded my question and instead directly asked me about the 70,000 yuan ($11,284) she gave me a few months ago ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/6/30 18:38:01
  • Citizens are responsible for China's anti-drug campaign

    Last week, my daughter and some of her classmates were selected by her school to submit anti-drug-themed essays for a writing contest as part of the annual International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, on June 26.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/6/28 18:58:02
  • Avoid losing a fortune by following the Party's lead

    When my friend Joan called me yesterday to admit that she had made a bad investment, I murmured to myself “it serves you right.”

    By Feng Yu | 2015/6/25 18:28:01
  • Dreams come true

    Virgin Atlantic launched its maiden 787-9 Dreamliner flight to London from Shanghai on Tuesday.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/6/17 17:08:01
  • A taste of Switzerland

    As part of the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, the third annual Shanghai Swiss Week kicked off Tuesday evening at Huaihai Park.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/5/13 17:38:07
  • Chinese yuezi is beneficial despite Westerners' doubt

    Following the public debut of the British Duchess of Cambridge with her newborn princess a mere 10 hours after giving birth, Sino social media lit up like Piccadilly Circus to debate the Duchess' audacity of breaking every Chinese rule of ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/5/12 18:33:01
  • True marriage is a balance between dreams and reality

    While reading the recent Global Times opinion piece “Living with parents after marriage is a bad idea,” written by my young, unmarried colleague Lanlan, I couldn't help but snicker at her youthful naivety. As a middle-aged woman who has been ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/4/27 18:43:01
  • Public nuisance law would protect Shanghai's resources

    Shanghai police and rescue teams were dispatched to Suzhou Creek on Thursday afternoon after the 110 emergency hotline received a distress call from a citizen claiming that his five family members, including a pregnant daughter-in-law, had fallen into the water. ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/4/20 19:48:01
  • Citizen journalists should try being citizen heroes

    Social media in Shanghai was alight this past Friday following a public knife attack near People's Square. In a real-time unfolding of events, Weibo and WeChat feeds from hundreds of eyewitnesses provided minute-by-minute accounts of the attack, including photos, videos ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/4/19 18:23:07
  • Shanghai's car plate policy shows better governance

    Starting April 15, vehicles with non-local license plates are prohibited from driving Shanghai's downtown expressways during expanded rush hour times. Since this updated policy was announced, there have been few complaints made in any social media, nor any criticisms of ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/4/9 19:38:23
  • Angkor Wat

    I always have a mixed feeling toward the holiday tips people post online. I appreciate their efforts to give detailed information on the place I'm going to explore, but at the same time they can blunt the excitement of discovering ...

    By Feng Yu | 2015/4/6 17:23:01
  • Dramatic escape

    Following the success of the film The Taking of Tiger Mountain, people from across China have traveled to Harbin in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province to see for themselves the snowscapes and icy locations featured in the movie.

    By Feng Yu | 2015/1/14 16:43:01
  • City's image rests in hands of every individual resident

    The Food and Hospitality China (FHC) is Shanghai's annual grand exhibition of imported food, wine and beverages. As the media partner, the Global Times had a booth, where our colleagues conversed with current or potential readers in an effort to ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/11/17 18:13:01
  • Experts urge mutual trust in building cross-Straits ties

    Recent years have seen increasing mutual trust and the peaceful development of communication and exchange between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, but problems and challenges still exist in certain aspects, experts in the tourism, culture and religion fields noted during ...

    By Feng Yu in Xiamen | 2014/11/5 1:28:01
  • Movie tour of Britain

    Tourism has played a more important role in many countries that hope to attract visitors to help promote local economies. Nowadays, besides traditional scenic spots like museums, prestigious universities and celebrity residences, venues that were used as locations in hot ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/8/8 5:03:02
  • Vigilance still needed despite heightened security

    A friend of mine was impatient and annoyed when she was stopped three times by different police officials in public venues Wednesday, including a park in Yangpu district and People's Square metro station, and asked to show her ID card. ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/5/15 19:28:03
  • City needs more confidence to become true int'l city

    Shanghai didn't have the best start to May. Before the public had a chance to recover from mourning two young firefighters who died in a fire in Xuhui district on May 1, two more people died when a building collapsed ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/5/8 19:48:01
  • Firefighters pay the ultimate price for safety oversights

    The death of two firefighters in Xuhui district on May 1 soured the festive mood of the city, at a time when media reported record passenger flows on metro lines and unprecedented numbers of visitors to parks and other scenic ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/5/3 18:18:01
  • Self-discipline key for city's armed police patrolmen

    With guns to hand, a calm head is needed more than ever before.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/4/24 18:43:01
  • TCM crime ring highlights danger of being scammed

    The reason scams take place is they are low risk and high reward for the scammers.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/4/17 14:48:01
  • Record antique sale a boost to city's cultural landscape

    With Gongfu Tie and the chicken cup, Long Museum will attract many visitors.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/4/10 18:48:02
  • Worsening taxi situation bad for drivers and residents

    More and more people seem to be complaining about the difficulty of finding a taxi in Shanghai.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/4/3 18:28:02
  • Kindergarten's closure highlights issues with schools

    A practical campaign to clamp down on this kind of school must be conducted immediately.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/3/27 18:18:01
  • Charities can regain trust with transparency

    Project Hope, a charity that builds schools in poverty-stricken areas in China, recently received 20 million yuan ($3.23 million) in cash that was left to it in the will of an elderly Shanghainese man. This is the largest gift the ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/3/20 17:53:01
  • Police-biting verdicts show justice in action

    Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been casting a shadow over the entire country since it went missing last Saturday. People around the world continue to pray for all of the 239 people on board, including 154 Chinese nationals, even though ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/3/13 18:53:01
  • Nanhui case points country in right direction

    Shanghai ranked prominently on two major lists this past week. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's biannual global cost of living survey, Shanghai ranked No.21 on a list of 131 cities; beating notoriously pricey New York, which took the No.26 ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/3/6 17:18:01
  • China, West looking to each other for lessons

    Thursday morning, on my way to work, I heard about a recent court case on the radio. Apparently a Shandong Province-based associate professor came to Shanghai this week to repay a loan owed to the local university where he obtained ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/2/27 18:13:01
  • Re-used lanterns signal bright future of waste control

    The life span of the lanterns get prolonged and many more people can enjoy the beautifully made decorations.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/2/20 18:43:01
  • Bonuses key to preventing New Year job hopping

    Talent plays the most important role in the development of any company.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/2/13 18:38:10
  • Wealth and risk creating uncertainty in tiny boom town

    My hometown is Diankou, a tiny spot on the map of Zhejiang Province. It's just a 30-minute car ride to the Hangzhou international airport, and is quite close to the textile city Shaoxing and the city of Zhuji, which administers ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/2/6 23:43:01
  • Reflections on another Chinese New Year

    This holiday, the air quality index and the H7N9 virus were two hotly discussed issues.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/2/6 18:08:01
  • H7N9 threatens Spring Festival travel plans

    Since Saturday, a lot of attention has been paid to Shanghai's two sessions. The Shanghai Municipal People's Congress received 79 proposals from delegates by Tuesday and the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) received 820 proposals ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/1/23 17:18:01
  • Anti-graft effort shouldn't target annual dinners

    I remember clearly that one year ago when the general public began to feel the seriousness and determination of the central government's resolution to fight extravagance and corruption among officials and State-owned enterprises (SOEs), they were firmly supportive of the ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/1/16 17:48:01
  • Con men exploit public deference to authority

    This week I talked with my foreign friends about a number of news stories in Shanghai: white-collar workers hiring ghost writers to produce annual reports; unsatisfactory year-end bonuses driving employees to hop jobs; a court case of an Australian man ...

    By Feng Yu | 2014/1/9 17:23:01
  • Bypassing visa regulations can be costly

    The Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People's Court this week rejected the appeal of a Chinese Australian who was sentenced to five years in prison by a district court for illegally selling entry and exit documents to five foreign household workers.

    By Feng Yu | 2014/1/2 18:43:01
  • The view from abroad

    Different countries have had a close-up and personal view of Shanghai over the past year and today the Global Times shares the insights of nine prominent consuls general based in the city. They talk about their thoughts and views of ...

    By Feng Yu and Zhang Yu | 2014/1/1 19:03:01
  • Learning lessons from the end of a media era

    Shanghai Evening Post will cease publication from January 1, 2014, just two months after the Shanghai government's announcement of the merger of the city's two leading print news groups.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/12/26 18:18:01
  • Show must go on for Shanghai's musical theater

    No one expected that Shanghai's gleaming new venue would have trouble with the electricity.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/12/19 19:43:01
  • Academic pressure too much for some kids

    However, almost half of the families have to give up the “university dream” as early as grade nine.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/12/12 17:58:01
  • Top marks for Shanghai schools well-earned

    Shanghai students almost certainly also top the list for amount of time spent on homework and extracurricular classes.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/12/5 17:33:01
  • Learning from jealousy motivated murders

    This Wednesday was a sad day in Shanghai with news of two murder cases in the city.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/11/28 18:58:01
  • Crackdown on food safety long overdue

    The media has been reporting that local courts are getting tougher on violators of food safety laws.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/11/21 17:53:01
  • Romantic swindlers prey on pressure to marry

    People may wonder what made these Shanghai women, many of them successful professionals, vulnerable to such a scam.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/11/14 19:08:01
  • Bad habits make tourists tempting targets

    Chinese tourists, however, can always excite muggers with their fat wallets.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/11/12 22:58:02
  • Egypt in limbo

    Egypt has been ruled by an interim government since July 3, when its first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi was ousted. The former president has been put on trial on November 4, though the court trial was repeatedly interrupted by ...

    By Feng Yu in Egypt | 2013/11/7 21:53:01
  • Distrust of doctors will drive away talent

    Media reports about extreme examples of corrupt doctors have tarnished the reputation of the profession as a whole.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/11/7 18:38:02
  • More education to prevent baby abandonment

    But we have to realize that collective head shaking and court verdicts are not enough to solve the issue.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/10/31 18:03:01
  • Shanghai is not the cradle of kung fu

    We have reason to worry that the promotion of Shanghai's Chin Woo kung fu may turn out to be in name only.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/10/24 17:38:01
  • Metro line model of regional integration

    The telecommunications companies can learn from the metro authorities to introduce better policies that reflect the mobility of modern Chinese society.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/10/17 19:03:01
  • Typhoon warning too late for Shanghai

    One man said that it took him six hours to reach the inner ring road in downtown Shanghai from the suburban outer ring road.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/10/10 18:18:01
  • Trial approach for home-for-pension policy

    Only when a trial has proved successful on a small scale can the policy be promoted for the whole country.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/9/26 18:43:01
  • Holidays must not be occasions for bribery

    My brother, a Party member and a low-level official in my hometown, told me that this year he has been summoned to many conferences about the “anti-mooncake” campaign.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/9/12 18:38:01
  • Lessons must be drawn from accidents

    The blast in the northeastern corner of the country should have served as a warning for companies that use the chemical and their watchdogs nationwide.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/9/5 19:03:01
  • Signs of wealth are magnet for crime

    Both women in the cases were seen as wealthy, which perhaps explains why they were targeted.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/29 19:23:01
  • Karaoke ok for kids if supervised

    If the regulation about underage admission had been enforced and the public had stronger awareness about the protection of minors, her daughter might have been rescued earlier.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/22 18:28:01
  • Singapore highlights multicultural heritage

    People-first is not an empty slogan, but a living reality manifested in minute details.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/21 16:28:01
  • City needs better book culture

    Given the declining fortunes of book publishers and book retailers, it's exciting to see the book fair under the media spotlight again.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/15 18:48:01
  • Singapore offers solutions for social woes

    Singapore has been striving to be a garden city since its foundation. It enjoys a good reputation for being a clean city with little pollution.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/8 19:38:01
  • Summer brings challenges to whole society

    A better childcare system is needed to guarantee the safety of school children while their parents are at work.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/8 18:58:01
  • Diving contest flops before starting

    It's understandable that ordinary people who have received no training are not enthusiastic to take the plunge themselves.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/8/1 18:53:01
  • FTZ a boon for Shanghai and China

    Shanghai has been given a coveted opportunity that comes with simultaneous challenges and pressures.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/7/25 19:33:01
  • Ayi app is a welcome new service

    Finding a reliable ayi is a big challenge for both local and foreign families.

    By Feng Yu | 2013/7/18 17:38:01