387 railway stations using temperature checks

Source:CGTN Published: 2020/1/26 14:32:52


China National Railway Group said 387 railway stations nationwide are using temperature checks for passengers entering and leaving the stations as of Saturday. The railway department had cooperated with the local governments to close 72 railway. 

On Saturday, the first day of the Lunar New Year and the 16th day of the Spring Festival travel rush, the national railway sent 2.6 million passengers. The passenger flow saw a significant reduction by about 38.4 percent year on year.

According to the national railway department, as of 06:00 p.m. on Friday, 257 batches of infection prevention and control materials had been transported to Wuhan, with a total of 7,362 pieces and 82.2 tons, including 695,000 masks, 180,000 pairs of gloves, 23 tons of drugs and 209 medical instruments.

The railway department reminded passengers that electronic tickets or non-cash purchase tickets could be refunded online; if tickets need to be refunded at the station, passengers can choose any railway station near them before the departure date.

Besides, China will halt all outbound tourist groups from Monday, the China Tourism Association announced on Saturday. The association said domestic flight and hotel bookings through travel agencies have been put on hold since January 24, while similar services for overseas destinations will be suspended from January 27.

China Customs is also requesting all travelers who want to cross China's border to fill out a health declaration form, because of the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus.

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