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Published: Aug 02, 2022 05:28 PM
Promotional material for the From Mucha to Sendak exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotional material for the From Mucha to Sendak exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Douban

'From Mucha to Sendak': Masterpieces of Illustration - Art exhibition

This art exhibition in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, displays more than 200 paintings created by over 50 artists including Alphonse Mucha, Jules Chéret, André Derain and Marc Chagall.  

The exhibition is presented across six sections that include artworks such as vintage posters, illustrations by great masters, costume design sketches, fashion illustrations, art nouveau works and picture book illustrations. The exhibits cover various mediums such as watercolor and oil painting, gouache, collages and posters. 

The exhibition not only displays artworks but also provides free audio guides, video guides, interactive manuals and art knowledge quests in order to give visitors a better viewing experience.

The exhibition gathers artworks of different schools such as Post Impressionism, Fauvism, Surrealism and Cubism. The renowned work of art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, Gismonda, is also displayed at the exhibition.  

Many interactive scenarios have been created for the exhibition to provide the visitors an immersive experience.

Where: Yealife, Holiday Plaza L4, Shenzhen

When: Until September 11, 2022

Price: 118 yuan ($17.5)

'The Pillow Man' - Drama 

This drama set to play in Beijing was created by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. 

A three-time Lawrence Oliver award winner, McDonagh is famous for the absurdity and black humor in his works. 

In 1997, his four scripts were played simultaneously in London theaters, which made him the second person to achieve this accomplishment after William Shakespeare. 

The Pillow Man depicts a story about an amateur writer who is accused of murdering three children. It won Best New Play at the 2004 Lawrence Oliver awards, which are considered the highest honor in British theater.

The play is directed by Zhou Ke, a mentor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy and director of the Chinese thriller Remain Silent.

Where: DrumTower West Theatre, Beijing

When: From August 4 to 7, 2022

Price: From 180 yuan ($27)

'Tatsuya Miyanishi's World of Wonders' - Art exhibition

This art exhibition in Beijing is a solo show for Japanese artist Tatsuya Miyanishi. It is also his largest-scale solo exhibition in China. 

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Miyanishi's career, the exhibition displays more than 200 paintings and scripts from 57 picture books, presenting visitors a world of wonders with love, humor, kindness and power.

The exhibits were airlifted from Japan and include more than 200 paintings and over 50 pages of drafts and photos of Miyanishi in his youth. 

Visitors can also learn to draw some of the iconic characters appearing in Miyanishi's children's books such as Tyrannosaurus, Wolf and Pig at the exhibition. 

Born in 1956, Miyanishi has dedicated himself to the creation and promotion of picture books. 

He believes that love, tenderness and consideration are more important than money and material possessions. 

He has visited over 40 cities in China and has given nearly 200 speeches.

Where: Beijing Fun, Beijing

When: From August 5, 2022 to October 7, 2022

Price: From 58 yuan ($9)