Accusing China of providing fentanyl precursor chemicals to Mexican cartels a malicious framing: Chinese Embassy in Mexico
Published: May 27, 2023 02:40 PM
Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

It is maliciously framing China to accuse that precursor chemicals used by Mexican cartels to produce the illicit drug fentanyl are sourced from China. The Chinese Embassy in Mexico slammed certain Western media and US officials on Saturday over the baseless accusation, which had been cited by some Mexican media.    

The US accusations are groundless and are reversing black and white, the embassy noted in a statement released on its website.

The statement came after US senators Chuck Grassley and Sheldon Whitehouse, the Co-Chairman and Chairman of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control on May 4 urged China to take actions to control the flow of precursor chemicals that Mexican cartels use to manufacture illicit fentanyl.

China has been vigorously carrying out international anti-drug law enforcement cooperation under the framework of the United Nations anti-drug convention. It is the first country in the world to formally categorize and control the entire category of fentanyl-related substances, which has played an important role in preventing illegal production, trafficking and abuse of the drug, the embassy said.

At the same time, the Chinese government has always strictly controlled precursor chemicals, and the number of domestic controlled varieties is more extensive than that controlled by the United Nations, the embassy noted.

"The so-called fentanyl precursors mentioned by the US when announcing sanctions on relevant Chinese companies and citizens are just ordinary chemicals, and it is internationally recognized that the responsibility for preventing the flow of ordinary chemicals into drug production channels lies with the importing country," read the statement.

Failing to deal with a domestic drug abuse problem, the US distorts the truth, constantly makes negative and false remarks and tries to interfere in the normal chemical trade between China and other countries. This fully exposes its hegemony and brutality, as well as its contempt and trampling over the spirit of international rule of law, the embassy said, urging the US to reflect on its own domestic problems.

China opposes the US using the fentanyl issue to bully Mexico and supports Mexico in firmly safeguarding its sovereignty and dignity, the embassy noted.

China's firm position on cooperating with countries around the world including Mexico to combat transnational drug crimes has been consistent. The channels for China-Mexico bilateral anti-drug cooperation are well managed, the embassy said. It stressed that relevant authorities on both sides are conducting professional and efficient communication over relevant cases.

The US Treasury Department in April imposed sanctions on two entities based in China, accusing them of supplying precursor chemicals to drug cartels in Mexico for the production of illicit fentanyl intended for sale in the US. China has strongly condemned the sanctions, saying the so-called precursor chemicals are just ordinary chemicals and the move only creates obstacles for China-US cooperation relating to narcotics control.