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Chinese social media users condemn painted turtle trend as cruel

Social media users in China expressed outrage after photos of a street vendor selling turtles with painted shells and skin went viral on Tuesday.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/5 17:08:40

Skull of ancient human possibly found in burned Brazilian museum

Firefighters combing through the charred remains of Brazil's National Museum have found a skull that may belong to its star exhibit, an 11,500-year-old woman named Luzia, local TV reported on Tuesday.
Source: Reuters | 2018/9/5 16:58:40

Gene therapy breakthrough wins world's largest vision award

Seven scientists in the US and Britain who have come up with a revolutionary gene therapy cure for a rare genetic form of childhood blindness won a 1 million euro ($1.15 million) prize on Tuesday, Portugal's Champalimaud Foundation said.
Source: Reuters | 2018/9/5 16:58:40

Highs and lows

Pictured are two clowns in the Gaza city to cheer up children on Monday, the first day of the school year. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/9/4 18:08:40

This gas doesn't pass

Pictured is a man caught transporting 20 gas tanks in a van on Monday in Zhengzhou, Central China's Henan Province after police stopped him for running a red light. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/9/4 18:08:39

Beijing cops star in anti-scam rap vid

Police in Beijing have a new weapon in fighting phone scams - and it sounds sort of like hip hop.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/4 18:03:40

Free his willy: South China swimmer's penis snagged by stingray

A man at a South China beach was hospitalized after a stingray's spiny tail snagged him right on the penis.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/4 18:03:40

Teen gives doctors thumbs up after successful toe-to-thumb transplant

A teen in Central China's Hunan Province who lived most of his life without a thumb has gone fully digital thanks to a toe-to-thumb transplant.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/4 17:58:39

Belgium moves to save old cafes

Belgians are famous for taking their beer seriously, but authorities are now moving to preserve some of the historic cafes where drinkers have been quaffing since the early 20th century.
Source: AFP | 2018/9/4 17:53:40

Brazil Uber driver accused of kicking out blind woman

A blind woman said an Uber driver abruptly left her on the side of a Rio de Janeiro street last week after loudly berating her over her request that he turn down the car's AC, the latest safety incident involving the ride-hailing firm.
Source: Reuters | 2018/9/4 17:53:39

Big as the moon

Students gather around a giant mooncake in Shangqiu, Henan Province on Sunday. The snack is traditionally served during Mid-Autumn Festival, which will fall on September 24 this year.
Source: VCG | 2018/9/3 19:15:40

Stretch for a snack

Visitors take pictures of two giraffes at the Beijing Zoo on Monday. The zoo is home to around 50 different species that are native to Africa. Photo: VCG
Source: VCG | 2018/9/3 19:15:39

After surviving life-threatening complication, mom abandons newborn baby at China hospital

An East China hospital is searching for a mother who abandoned her newborn after she was treated for a potentially fatal pregnancy complication.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/3 18:03:39

Overturned fruit truck turns into free pickings for looting locals

An East China truck driver who was injured after his vehicle carrying more than half a ton of peaches overturned could only sit and watch as locals looted the spilled cargo on Saturday.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/3 17:58:40

Husband who stole iPad to escape wife gets police detention

A Jinhua, Zhejiang Province man in custody for theft told police he did so to escape his controlling wife.
Source: Global Times | 2018/9/3 17:58:39

Predating the pyramids: Archaeologists find Neolithic remains in Nile Delta

Archaeologists in Egypt say they have found one of the oldest-known villages in the Nile Delta dating back to the Neolithic era.
Source: Reuters | 2018/9/3 17:28:39

India's billion dollar battle to build the world's biggest statue

The world's biggest statue is rising in a remote corner of India to honor an independence hero but it could quickly be outdone by a monument to a Hindu warrior king in the sea off Mumbai.
Source: AFP | 2018/9/3 17:23:41

Courting style

A model dressed in Chinese imperial court costume walks during a fashion show in Shenyang, Liaoning Province on Saturday. Photo: VCG
Source: VCG | 2018/9/2 19:08:40