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Just a glance pays a subway fare

Commuters taking subway Line One in Jinan, East China's Shandong Province, now need only smile (or not) at a new facial recognition system to pass through a turnstile.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/9 18:18:40

Police recognize, detain thief from online video

Police in East China detained a thief while he was waiting near a police station to fight a man he had earlier robbed.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/9 18:13:42

Man arrested after taking over hospital's LED billboard, writing messages insulting China

The public security bureau in Gaoyang county, North China's Hebei Province has arrested a man who somehow accessed the LED screen of a local hospital and displayed insults about China and praise for Japan on Monday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/9 18:13:40

Crackdown on gangs outside a kindergarten sparks controversy

A kindergarten in Southwest China has removed a banner hung over its doorway that included a slogan cracking down on gangs, sparking controversy on Chinese social media.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/9 18:08:40

Boss' offering to prevent employees' hair loss

The owner of an e-commerce company in East China has become subject to a lot of snickering in his office and beyond after giving employees small stylized posters or blessing paper that he believes can protect men from going bald.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/9 18:03:40

Artist lies naked with father's skeleton during Qingming Festival

A photographer posted some very odd and rather gruesome pictures of himself lying naked beside the skeleton of his father that were taken on Friday, during China's Qingming Festival.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/8 18:03:41

Pet python taken for campus stroll

A young woman dressed all in black attracted a lot of attention as she walked around the campus of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing on Friday; but it wasn't her choice of fashion that startled people, it was the 3-meter-long python wrapped around her neck.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/8 17:58:40

Woman fakes rape to test police response time

A woman in Northeast China was worried about her planned first meeting with a man she had met online and called the local police to test their response time by pretending she was being raped on Saturday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/8 17:48:39

Phone's failed facial recognition function costs man 10,000 yuan

A sleeping man's two roommates used the facial recognition function on his phone to unlock it and steal 10,000 yuan ($1,495).
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/8 17:43:39

Man seeks good fortune, frees 40 kilos of snakes

A man living in Southwest China's Yunnan Province is being investigated for illegally trafficking in wild animals after he released 40 kilograms of snakes beside a local river and mountain.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/8 17:38:39

Trump tweet trolls Biden's apology for touching women without permission

US President Donald Trump on Thursday deployed his trademark blend of crude humor and Twitter to mock potential election rival Joe Biden's apology for having touched women without permission.
Source: AFP | 2019/4/7 18:03:40

African man takes out 10m cash

Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote, known as Africa's richest man, told a forum in Cote d'lvoire on Saturday how he once took $10 million in cash out of the bank just to look at it and get it into his head that this was real money, not just figures on paper.
Source: AFP | 2019/4/7 18:03:40

What the elk is that? Hapless team has match delayed by deer droppings

A Scottish football team with an inglorious win-loss record has finally gained some fame but for an equally humiliating reason, one that likely embarrassed the downtrodden local players and fans alike.
Source: AFP | 2019/4/7 18:03:39

Boy tries to include movie star Wu Jing on his family registry

A 12-year-old boy attempted to add the personal information of the lead actor of The Wandering Earth on his family's household registry, saying he adores the actor and longs to be part of his family.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/7 17:58:39

Girl falls 26 floors, gets up and walks away

A six-year-old girl in Southwest China's Chongqing fell from her 26th floor apartment suffering only a broken hand.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/7 17:43:39

E-cigarettes haven't made teen smoking cool again: study

The rapid spread of e-cigarette use among teenagers has not slowed the decline in smoking in the same age group, much less reverse, according to a new study.
Source: AFP | 2019/4/2 20:43:40

Order food, pay others to eat it

It may sound like an April Fool's joke, but people are actually ordering takeout online from services that will eat your food for you.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/2 20:40:25

Soccer club adopts polar bear cub born in German zoo

Berlin's latest zoo celebrity, a fluffy polar bear cub, has been named "Hertha" after the capital's soccer club, it was announced Tuesday.
Source: AFP | 2019/4/2 20:38:41