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Wallaby crosses Sydney's Harbor Bridge

A wallaby startled motorists Tuesday when it hopped across Sydney's Harbor Bridge, closely tailed by police.
Source: AFP | 2018/1/16 17:18:40

Le smartphone? France has another term in mind

Smartphones may have become ubiquitous in France, but the country's language mavens hope there's still time to keep the word from becoming ensconced in everyday speech.
Source: AFP | 2018/1/16 17:18:39

Turkish passenger plane skids off runway onto seaside cliff

A plane with 168 people aboard skidded off a runway onto a seaside cliff after landing at an airport in northern Turkey at the weekend, but no one was injured in what one passenger called a "miracle."
Source: AFP | 2018/1/15 19:13:40

Greece set to allow medical cannabis use

Greece's parliament is expected to approve the medical use of cannabis in the coming weeks, a deputy minister said Sunday, adding that the change would attract investment.
Source: AFP | 2018/1/15 19:13:39

Pregnant neighbor peeves pet owners with parasites complaint

An Anhui Province man got netizens howling in disapproval after he told neighbors to "get rid" of their pets for the safety of his pregnant wife, Sina reported on Saturday.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/15 16:03:40

China spent 3.9 trillion yuan eating out in 2017

China spent 3.9 trillion yuan ($607 billion) eating out in 2017, according to a report by the China Cuisine Association.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/15 16:03:39

Dad picks up son from school on horseback

A man in Northwest China kicked up attention at his son's school Friday when he arrived to pick up the 4-year-old on horseback.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/15 15:38:39

Wolf found in northern Belgium, first time in over 100 years

A wild wolf has been found in the northern Belgian region of Flanders for the first time in more than a century, an environmental group said Saturday.
Source: AFP | 2018/1/14 18:53:40

Kidnapper repents, 26 years later

A repentant nanny who says she kidnapped a baby and raised him as her own has stepped forward in the hopes of finding his family 26 years later.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/14 18:43:40

Chinese couple regrets naming baby 'Maserati'

An Anhui Province couple who named their daughter "Maserati" then regretted it six months later is now driving local officials crazy trying to reverse the decision.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/14 18:43:39

30 dogs dead from suspected poisonings in Beijing

About 30 pet dogs have died in a Beijing community over the past week of suspected poisoning and both police and residents want to know who's behind it, The Beijing News reported on Saturday.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/14 18:38:40

Lithuania hides alcohol ads with stickers

Lithuanian press distributors said Wednesday they had started plastering over alcohol ads in foreign magazines with special stickers under a new advertising ban aimed at curbing some of the world's heaviest drinking.
Source: AFP | 2018/1/11 19:33:40

Russian man rams armored personnel carrier into shop, steals wine

A man rammed an armored personnel carrier into a shop window before climbing through the rubble to steal a bottle of wine in a town in northern Russia on Wednesday morning, according to local media and video posted on social media.
Source: Reuters | 2018/1/11 19:33:40

Taxi driver tows wife through snow on tire, cop makes a show of it

A Northwest China cabbie was fined and suspended from his job after video of him towing his wife on a tire through the snow with his taxi went viral.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/11 18:23:39

Gynecologist accused of false diagnosis, demanding QR payment in operating room

A young patient is accusing a gynecologist in Northeast China of pressuring her to undergo unnecessary procedures then forcing her to settle the bill up front by whipping out a QR payment code in the operation room.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/11 17:03:40

Police catch wanted twin brothers in train ticket fiasco

Officers in East China caught up with a wanted suspect as he tried to buy a train ticket out of town with the ID of his twin brother - who was also a wanted criminal.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/11 15:58:40

Millions worth of jewelry looted in Paris hotel robbery

Three suspects have been arrested by French police for an armed robbery that happened Wednesday afternoon at the famous Ritz Hotel in central Paris, according to local police.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/1/11 8:19:56

Japan astronaut worried by space growth spurt

A Japanese astronaut has sparked hilarity back on Earth after he claimed to have grown nine centimeters in space, making him worried he would not squeeze into the capsule home.
Source: AFP | 2018/1/10 19:08:39