Video >> Hu Says

Mr. Pompeo increasingly seems like a political hooligan

Hope all members of US Congress will adjust the way they speak about China

15 days is not enough to control the epidemic in US

President Trump wants to turn China into a scapegoat for his government's slow response

Intense friction between China & US doesn't help the global fight against COVID-19 at all

Conflict over expulsion of Chinese & US reporters is distortion of Cold War-period tactics

Taking strict measures to quarantine communities is key to prevention and control

A negative approach in fighting COVID-19 is equivalent to giving the virus a Trojan horse

The US must take more resolute action to prevent further outbreaks

China's economy will not be taken down by COVID-19 epidemic

COVID-19 will continue to impact global markets and further stoke populism around the world

People like Pompeo have lost confidence in the US' epidemic controls next