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Once peaceful means fail, the mainland won't fear a military showdown in the Taiwan Straits

It's shameful that the US military would deliberately confuse Chinese radar

China won't put attention on the attitude of US & the West before restoring order in HK

US' absurd practice that Americans should focus more on China rather than COVID-19 seems to work

'Clean network' is an all-out incitement for a confrontation between China & US

If Australia wants peace, walk the walk

US govt's arrogance is leading the country down a road devoid of science or rationality

Trump wants to kill TikTok

The US' new cold war against China is sailing against a difficult headwind

China is the one that obeys the rules at the strategic level

Today's situation between China & US would have been completely unimaginable 3 years ago

It's very possible that China could close a US consulate