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It's sad to see US politics in such a bloody state

Whoever looks to divide the world now will go down in infamy in history

US court's decision on halting TikTok ban accords with morality and common sense

Pressure from the US will help China consolidate its growing strength

If the US and Taiwan don't take the mainland's red line seriously, war will come

US House of Representatives' bill on Xinjiang is based on misinformation and conjecture

US' definition of national security is one of the most radical in the world

Inappropriate for India to hype Rajeev Sharma's ties with Global Times

Creating antagonism among major powers is a drastic move that destroys world peace

US' social policies are full of real discrimination throughout history to modern day

Branstad was an embarrassing role in the dramatic changes in Sino-US relations

The biggest challenge for Europe is to achieve independence